WATCH: Suspect Rams Police Car Then Opens Fire, Officer Lights Him Up

 May 9, 2021

Oklahoma City Police Department released footage with a community incident briefing of a traffic collision between a police officer and a suspect who intentionally rammed the officer's vehicle.

Watch as this former officer's commentary on the incident report, as well as footage of the incident itself.

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12 comments on “WATCH: Suspect Rams Police Car Then Opens Fire, Officer Lights Him Up”

    1. End of the BL (no M) that want to break all the laws of the USA..........They are terrorists that need to be silenced.............

  1. Sorry but your profane language is not called for.. at all.. your saying the officer looked stoned was not called for. Matter of fact a lot of your comments were not needed... you may be a big tough biker guy, or a former cop yourself, but I’m a 74 year old lady, and I hate to continually hear that kind of profanity when it is not necessary.... it might have been necessary if you had been the one in the police car. But you weren’t........... My grand kids do not need to hear your profanity either...

  2. These jerks need to know that the police ARE going to fire back. If it were me sitting in that car I would have gone for the kill spot. Not just wounded him. Anyone who does this is not playing with a full deck. They mean you harm! Take them out. It has gotten completely crazy out there!

  3. We need our first responders, police, sheriffs, firefighters. all men and women that our hear to help and protect us. They need our help, to stand with them, help if we can, financial help, respect what ever it takes to make sure they are here each and every day. Dont allow the liberal Democratics destroy our protect for our country.

  4. Suspect should get the death penalty. for international attempted homicide of a police officer. The courts gave the mobs what they wanted with George Floyed. Which I still don’t believe what the officer did was intentional. So the mobs got the max. Now we need to demand the same , for rioters, looters, and people burning down our cities. Rite now police officers and innocent citizens are being targeted. Literally.

  5. Huh , he got the lead thrown at his butt to hell with the book .lol kudos to the officer , go big blue

  6. And then y'all wonder why cops are treating you differently. It's because y'all are creating an environment where they have to for their own safety. Idiots.

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