Manhunt Underway After Suspect Rams Motorcycle Cop, Steals Ambulance

Performing a traffic stop while on a motorcycle can be a nerve wracking experience. Law enforcement officers have no protection around them, if the suspect tries to get away or decides to shoot.

Crazy Stop

In Scottsdale, AZ, Matthew Thomas Crook, 34, was pulled over in his pickup truck by a motorcycle officer. However, Crook did not stay pulled over for very long.

According to the officer's bodycam footage, he rammed the officer then fled. A manhunt was launched to locate the six-foot, six-inch, 330-pound man.

When the officer stopped him, Crook did have a female passenger. In the footage, you can see Crook pull over. He sits for only a little wile before putting the truck into reverse and hitting the officers motorcycle.

The bodycam footage shows the office hurrying off of the bike and he drew his gun. Crook ignored the officers commands to stop, speeding off.

The officer chose not to fire his gun at the fleeing vehicle.

More Damage

Crook hit a vehicle as he fled. But hitting a car did not stop this suspect from his escape.

When he drove away, officers found him and attempted to pursue him. Crook evaded them buy driving into an apartment complex.

At the apartments, he and his passenger both got out of the truck and bolted. According to officers, they hijacked an ambulance who was responding to "an unrelated medical incident in the area."

Their ride in the stolen ambulance only lasted for a little while. Officers were able to catch the female who was with Crook.

However, Crook is still on the run. SPD is charging him with theft of an emergency vehicle, aggravated assault on an officer, among other charges.

Officer Update

According to SPD Public Information Officer Aaron Bolin, the police officer who was hit had minor injuries. The people in the car that Crook crashed into were not hurt.

Thankfully, the officer is alright, and hopefully, officers will be able to find this man and put him away. Attacking officers is unacceptable behavior.

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