WATCH: SUV T-Bones Police Car, Officer's Reaction Is Priceless

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15 comments on “WATCH: SUV T-Bones Police Car, Officer's Reaction Is Priceless”

  1. #1. When did Tulsa, OK. start using Right-side operated vehicles?
    #2. By the way it looks in the vid. Officer is either looking up something or texting on his phone. And if he is moving while using his non-hands free phone. that's is a BIG No No.

  2. And people think cops are unnecessary. This cop seems to be handling the situation with calm and coolness. God bless the folks who wear the uniform. I'll bet most of us would have been ready to kick the person who caused the ACCIDENT right in the ass!

      1. I .think it looks like that but is simply a matter of reversing the image some how. A lot of videos show drivers on the wrong side and if you see a sign or something they are frequently backwords also

    1. I have asked numerous officers how come they can drive operating their computer, texting, radio and sirens and lights. They all said they are trained to do that. They must be gods. I would think that if he was paying attention to his surroundings that very possibly he might have avoided the wreck and gotten to still write a ticket. We (the taxpayers) can not afford to be replacing squad cars at the rate they are being destroyed the last two years.

  3. First off, texting/reading while driving? You or I get caught doing this especially when involved in an accident, what happens? Rules for the not me?

      1. Yes it absolutely does. I see no job related reason for doing so, And he's liable for the same laws as us concerning that, not that he'll receive a ticket for it.


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