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7 comments on “WATCH: Taser Failure Gives Officer No Choice But To Use Lethal Force”

  1. The officer handled everything very well considering what he was put through, I hope the man who shot him goes to prison for a long time, if he pulls through it, if not he brought it on his self.

  2. If you don’t do as you’re told, expect something bad to happen; it’s your choice. I pray the officer is ok. There’s no way I could have spoken to everyone as kindly as he did.

    1. I agree. This is what we want our police officers to do whenever incidents like this happen. Even though he was wounded in the face, he still conducted himself perfectly. Hope he survives and is able to continue his police career.

  3. Never talk back to an officer, always do as you’re asked/told. I pray the officer was completely healed and is back on duty. He is an outstanding example of a well trained and caring man.

    1. 99.999% of the time the police are victims of racist violent criminals who forever play the victim of racism this is not the case.

  4. NOT DEFUND THE BUT DEFEND THE POLICE what's next accuse the officer of being a racist for shooting a violent criminal black male in self-defend his own life !

  5. All persons that harm a police officer with a weapon of any kind should receive 25 years in prison, plus. Any person that causes the death of a law enforcement person should receive the death penalty or life in jail with no parole.

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