Knife Wielding Woman Places Children in Danger, Force Officers to use Lethal Force

By Ethan Cole on
 September 14, 2023

Nevada County Sheriff's Office received a 9-1 call from a concerned citizen after she saw a mother and two young children walking on Alta Sierra Drive under suspicious circumstances.

Deputies responded to the area and located the 33-year-old women and her children. As they attempted to speak with her, she immediately became upset and produced a knife.

Efforts to de-escalate the situation by the Deputies were not successful. Ultimately, the women charged at a Deputy while holding the knife and screaming, "I'm Going To Kill You". At that point, a second Deputy discharged his service weapon.

This is always a tragic situation, made worse by the fact that children were present. However, Officers did their job to ensure the community remained safe. Below is the dash cam footage of the incident, though be warned that it contains graphic content.

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7 comments on “Knife Wielding Woman Places Children in Danger, Force Officers to use Lethal Force”

    1. It's not always drugs - sometime it is just what life hands us - maybe she was being abused by someone & just "lost it"...AND (whispering) some of us women go through menopause to a more drastic degree than others...wait YOUR turn Nancy!!! It is NO fun & you will not understand the anger inside yourself either - it's NOT just all hot flashes and it hits each woman to a different degree - some hardly at all and others that react like this is unpredictable - older women MUST share this with their girls...I had NO idea what was going on just that I was angry ALL the time at EVERYTHING!!! Talk to your daughters!!!

  1. I SURE don't condone the woman's actions in ANY way but, PEOPLE we also need to show some compassion - what kind of hell the woman was going through physically or mentally was NOT good for anyone - especially for her. She needs prayers especially need some compassion - - could be YOU or a member of YOUR family doing this some day...we need to have more respect for life - and I don't mean the police were somehow wrong in shooting her but, they have to protect all people especially the ones in this case who were going to be the recipients of the knife...JUST have some compassion people...

  2. Whatever this woman was going through, there is absolutely NO reason to show ANY type of aggressive behavior or display ANY type of threat to a law enforcement officer! I’m willing to bet this woman was on drugs, and, if that’s the case, she had no business having children with her in an intoxicated state. Maybe I need to have more “compassion,” as one commenter responded, but sometimes as a law enforcement officer, if you hesitate to react quickly while you’re exhibiting “compassion,” it just might be the last thing you do!

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