Officers Save Baby Left In Hot Car By Gambling Father


Leaving babies and animals in cars during the summer heat is incredibly dangerous. Officers frequently get calls to rescue both.


In Las Vegas, officers were called out to the Bighorn Casino. A woman had reported to security that a child was crying and lone inside a parked car.

When security arrived, they found a child inside the car with all but one window rolled up. According to investigators, the driver’s side window was rolled down four inches.

Officers arrived at the parking lot at 10:19 p.m. Officer Cerda-Guzman and Sgt. Becky Salkoff pulled the baby from the car. Guzman’s body camera shows Salkoff using cold water to lower the baby’s body temperature.

Identifying The Father

The temperature was 100 degrees, with humidity at 14 percent. Mitchell Anthony Hooks approached the vehicle. He admitted to the officers that the car was his.

Initially, he told the officers that he just went inside to use the bathroom but later admitted that he went in to gamble.

He and his infant son had dropped the boy’s sister off at a friend’s house. Then he decided to go to the casino, a story that was corroborated by security footage. He arrived at 9:46 p.m. and went into the building.

Facing the Consquences

According to the police report written by Officer Osvaldo Cerda- Guzman, “Mitchell told me he shouldn’t have done what he did and that he deserved anything that was coming to him.”

Guzman also wrote, “He went on to say that there was no excuse for it and no reason for it.”

Hooks is being charged with child abuse or neglect and with leaving a child unattended in a car. His bail is set at $21,140.

EMTs looked over the baby, and his vitals and temperature seemed to be at normal levels. However, he was still taken to the hospital to be further evaluated.

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