Off-Duty EMT Leaps Into Action, Saves Choking Toddler

EMT Dannielle Binns

There’s few things more terrifying as a parent than witnessing your child unable to breathe, watching them turn blue because they are choking.

Thankfully, for a mother who experienced this horror recently, off-duty EMT Dannielle Binns heard her screams and rushed in to administer aid.

Binns had stopped into the restaurant with her daughter and a friend when a few tables away, a toddler slumped in her chair while the mother cried out for help.

“I realized someone needed help,… The mom was standing up and the child was slumping out of her chair. I knew I needed to go over there and help the child for this mother.”

Binns leapt into action and administered several back blows to the child who was turning blue. While Binns was trying to dislodge the blockage, her friend called 9-11. Moments later, the child spat out a piece of a cheese stick and began to breathe normally again.

The family of the toddler took her to a local hospital to be evaluated and she is expected to make a full recovery.

Dannielle Binns is being recognized for her heroic actions though she says she was “at the right place at the right time,”. While this may be true, she also had the knowledge and skills to properly assist the child in distress.

Binns made it clear that anyone could have done what she did, and while we think she is a hero, she is right. Anyone can administer lifesaving aid to a choking person. Check out this guide from the Red Cross that outlines the complete process. Also, consider finding a local CPR class and brushing up on skills that could save someone’s life.

What do you think, should more people learn CPR and other such skills? Would you have the courage to leap into action and assist a choking person? Have you done this in the past, or know someone who has? Let us know in the comments below.




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