Boston Correctional Officers To Be Fired For Not Complying With Vaccine Mandate

By Ethan Cole on
 October 30, 2021

Yet another state is preparing to fire first responders over the vaccine mandate. Massachusetts has placed 50 unvaccinated corrections officers on suspension without pay for noncompliance.

Vaccine Mandates

The legislative representative for the Massachusetts Correction Officer Federated Union, Kevin Flanagan, said the final number will change depending on the outcome of pending disciplinary hearings.

"You're taking good, qualified, hard-working men and women who have worked throughout this entire pandemic on the frontlines-not able to telework-and you're basically telling them you're suspended because you're not getting the vaccine."

Kevin Flanagan

As of right now, the officers who have yet to get their shots have five days to comply. If they do not, the next step will be a 10-day unpaid suspension, followed by termination.

The union attempted to get an injunction against the mandate, stating that it violated the correctional officer's rights, but a federal judge denied it. Out of the 40,000 Executive Department employees, all but were vaccinated.

Firing these correctional officers would leave the state short-staffed. Baker has already activated 250 National Guard Personnel in preparation.

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31 comments on “Boston Correctional Officers To Be Fired For Not Complying With Vaccine Mandate”

  1. What is ridiculous is that I just read an article that said this vaccine will be ineffective against the “new” strain of the virus. Then I read that animals are getting the COVID (the current one). Then to top it all off there was yet another comment on tv that people who get the vaccine can pass the disease on to other people.
    Got my flu shot two days ago and out of four employees in my doctor’s office….only the doctor had received the vaccine and the nurse that gave me the flu shot said that all of the staff would quit if ordered to get shot!
    Now!!! End result? No way on earth will I get Fausi’s set up disease vaccine until there is more testing and a disease that lasts more than a few months before it changes to something else!!
    Those that choose not to get the vaccine are just proving that they are not like Fausi’s beagles.

  2. If anyone should be vaccinated it should be first responders. If you need an ambulance you don't want an infected person handling you. What a bunch of cowards!

    1. Even if they are vaccinated they can carry the virus &. Transmit it a person has the right to decide what is to be put in their body. Especially with a controversial item like the vaccine.

    2. So what you are saying is. You will pass on the first responders coming to help you, and will wait on the HEARSE instead ? So be it. That is your choice.
      Just like getting the vaccine or not, is their choice. NOT THE FUCKING GOVERNMENTS.
      Sorry to burst you're rose colored bubble view of the world. Even someone who has been vaccinated can STILL GET AND SPREAD COVID . So you are the one being the coward by not facing the REAL FACTS THAT ARE OUT THERE. Also think about this. Were you scared of them BEFORE the vaccine was developed ? THEY WERE SCARED OF YOU GIVING THEM COVID.
      Are you ready to pick up a gun and stand a post, or pick up a firehose and run into a burning building, or help someone hold their guts in while you are driving them to the hospital.
      Because the way things are going, YOU BETTER BE .

      1. Amen. I can attest to the fact that my vaccinated granddaughter's best friend gave her covid. So, no, it's not real protection. My granddaughter is fine, in fact, she said it was less bothersome than the normal flu she had a couple of years ago. This whole thing was just a power grab for the one world order that is being tossed down our throats. What ever happened to our constitution - maybe our politicians should be reading it and making their own adjustments to follow it - they did vow to do that.

    3. So , by your comments here , you yourself our now fully vaccinated ??? CONGRATULATIONS , you just gave yourself the COUF !!! I hope you survive from your pour choice ! You should have taken the time to do your RESEARCH on the SO-CALLED vaccine ! By The Way , while you are doing your research , look-up the DEFINITION of the word ""VACCINE"" You will discover it is indeed not a VACCINE AT ALL ! When are you scheduled for your 4th & 5th & 6th booster ??? Come-on man , you fell for a CON JOB !

    4. I already have TWO auto immune diseases. I do not need activate or make worse with the guinea pig shot. The shot is a false sense of security.
      I have a natural immunity to the flu. Everyone who has had the flu has a natural immunity so why is the government so insistent that we have the shot?

    5. You have absolutely no critical thinking skills.You are full.if fear and you wish to.pass that on others.Why don't you get the facts and think.This man is right to make the decision he made.

    6. I can see you are uninformed. Vaccinated are not exempt from getting or passing on COVID. The vaccine will weaken your immune system, hence all the breakthrough cases. WAKE UP and face reality. When when was the last time you had your blood work checked?
      You, who were praising the same people for saving lives last year are now condemning them.
      Congress, Pfizer, CDC are not mandating the shot for their staff. The people who make the shot,
      push the shot and rule over you. Hello? are you awake.. think they know something you don't even question?? Not even the USPO is mandated.

    7. Hey Chris, and what is the vaccination, that is not a real vaccination going to do beside make the drug pushers richer??
      It doesn't protect, and it sure in hell protect others.

    1. He gives idiots a bad name - I'd say brain dead. We have a fox guarding the hen house - we are in for troublesome times.

      1. Ginger, they already started:
        Small (b) dementia addled biden has already started his destruction:
        Open Borders
        Welfare for illegals
        Killed Keystone Pipeline.
        Raised our Taxes
        Paying illegal immigrants $450,000
        Put us back into the financial emissions SCAM known as the Paris Accords. check this out.
        We further reduce emissions while CHINA & INDIA are Exempt.
        ----these are juszt some of his anti American actions to date====

    2. How in Hell did small (b) biden ever get
      This CCP controlled puppet & Lifetime Lying taxpayer leach has fed off the piggy trough for 50 years. Time for him enter Leavenworth Prison.

  3. I think that every governor of every state that is supporting these vaccine mandates, needs to do something before they make their decision on firing First-Responders. What they need to do is as follows. Personally spend 1 week with Firefighters, 1 week with Street Police officers, 1 week with E M T's, and 1 week with the guards of the county jails and state prisons.
    That is the ONLY way they can make an INFORMED DECISION, on whether or no to fire these people.

    1. There seems to be a limited supply of governance as far as common sense goes,but then when they are bought off from big money this is what you get. Its not going to get any better soon!

  4. I really would prefer to call Biden and his administration communists, rather than what I am afraid they REALLY ARE; that they are actually TRAITORS to this country!!

    1. Don't be afraid to call them WHAT THEY REALLY ARE "TRAITORS".
      A traitor is one who willingly gives aid and assistance to those who would do harm to this country and or it's citizens, thereby facilitating that harm.
      Using their own words, that makes them "domestic terrorists".

  5. This entire tyrannical push for vaccinations has nothing to do with the people's health and welfare. It is solely an exercise in power and control by those that think they are above the law (many times their own laws)!!

  6. This should be a personal choice!!! We need to fight this administration! This is The United States of America. Remember, WE THE PEOPLE!

  7. hey headed by the guard prisoners where they got to do let them out on the street prisoners were they got to do let them out on the street

  8. OH my goodness they are dividing you! All of you walk off the job together. You MUST stick together. Go and protest on the public sidewalk with signs. Let the phones ring. NYC communist Mayor needs a to wake up. He knows you all would not walk off the job. He has you in his power. Not the other way around. The fire fighters and police all need to walk off the job on the same day too. Shut down the city that is all your power. You must take action do not let co workers be fired. The Mayor will threaten and you all need to stand strong together. NYC will go down the drain in one day and then the mayor will see your powers. UNITE!

  9. watched the base ball last 6 games it was great , all the people there having a great time ,, what I did not see was very many face mask an no one was telling me about it on news HOW COME ????

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