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4 comments on “Deputies, US Marshals Open Fire On Murder Suspect After He Pulls Gun On Them”

  1. My gosh, did you see the size of that guy?? We are so lucky to have our police that will be willing to take on bad guys like that!

    1. Yeah Nancy, they grow them big up there but our guys are not intimidated by them as we can handle ourselves. I broke my right hand 4 or 5 times and my left once so we knew how to hit as we were not allowed nightsticks, slapjacks, pepper spray etc. and tasers were not in use back then. We had our fists and our firearm and the chief really did not like it when we shot and killed a bad guy and it had better be a last resort when we did so. We learned to fight.

  2. GCSO is NOT to be messed with. They are a very capable Department who share a building and training with the Greenville City Police Dept. another agency you do not want to mess with. We have very little Officer involved shootings up there as the bad guys know that these agencies are highly trained and seldom fire more than a couple rounds when necessary but they are fatal rounds. In my time with the GPD we had I think 5 Officer involved shootings. None fired more than two rounds from their model 67 S&W revolver, (.38 special) and four of the 5 died on scene and the fifth had a round go through his heart but survived due to talented Dr's in the area. He apologized to the Officer later and thanked him for not killing him for his stupid actions of raising a pistol at him. The bad guys know we can shoot accurately so did not give us a reason to. Less of them died and less of us had to deal with killing a suspect.

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