WATCH: Florida Deputies Chase DUI Suspect, Save Him From Suicide Attempt

By Ethan Cole on
 September 18, 2020

Law enforcement officers are often seen as emotionless enforcers. Fortunately, in most cases, that is a false image. Their job is about stopping crime, yes. But above all, they are in the business of saving lives.

Deputies in Florida recently demonstrated extreme compassion for a young man who had just tried to kill one of their own. In fact, they gave this young man another chance at life.

A 23-year-old driver was pulled over for swerving. As the deputy made contact a passenger left the suspects vehicle. The suspect driver then attempted to run down the deputy with his pickup before speeding away.

A high speed pursuit began with a helicopter and nine police cars giving chase. Eventually, stop sticks were deployed to blow out two of the suspect vehicles tires.

The driver ended up on a bridge before exiting his truck to climb up on the side rail. The deputies, who moments before were in hot pursuit, began pleading with him not to jump. In a moment of sheer courage, the driver was tackled off the ledge.

The chase and rescue were captured by helicopter footage:

This is a heartwrenching situation that ended so much differently than anyone could have imagined. Thankfully, our law enforcement officers are men and women able to adapt and overcome nearly any situation thrown their way!


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