Federal Judge Will Soon Release Ruling Regarding Chicago Firefighters Vaccine Lawsuit

By Ethan Cole on
 October 29, 2021

Over 100 Chicago firefighters and city employees filed an emergency request to halt a vaccine mandate put in place by Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Gov. J.B. Pritzker. However, the request confused the judge.

Final Ruling Soon

In the federal complaint, 130 firefighters and paramedics are requesting that U.S. District Judge John Lee issue a temporary restraining order stopping Chicago from making its workers report their vaccination status or be put on no-pay status. In addition to firefighters and paramedics, the suit also includes those in health care and state employees.

In the 45-minute hearing, done via videoconference, Lee wanted to know why attorney Jonathon Lubin was arguing that vaccination status is a constitutional issue.

“I look puzzled because I am puzzled. Because don’t we have to disclose medical information for all sorts of different jobs? Why is this any different?”

Judge John Lee

Though Lubin attempted to argue the "political nature" of the vaccine itself could not be separated from the legal side, the judge cut him off at the knees. Lee said, "I don't care about the political. This is a court of law."

Lee said Lubin had two days to give him responses, and then he would be ready to rule on Friday. The restraining order would be a huge ask, though, and would be a rather lofty precedent to set when there is no case law to back it.

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7 comments on “Federal Judge Will Soon Release Ruling Regarding Chicago Firefighters Vaccine Lawsuit”

  1. Let’s “unpuzzle” his Honor . Yes we are asked medical questions like are you smoking marijuana ? Do you use recreational drugs ? Have you been diagnosed as suffering from , fill in the ailments , but I’ve NEVER been told I have to take a drug to get hired .Never been asked if I’ve been vaccinated from any disease either . Seems like a no brainer here .

    1. So U have never taken any vaccines? I know U have! However if this C-19 kills more people it will be interesting to see how people feel when a family member dies! Plus any woman who wishes to refuse vaccine & risk going thru an illness that ages U, drains your energy & might kill U; needs a psychiatric. U U wish to age about 10 years or more have C-19. There R fools risking suffering & perhaps using a walker. If these people would not give it to others; I say let them suffer & die the world does not need fools!

      1. I took a vaccine 40 years ago and came down with Guillian Barre, , which many died from. I was told never to take another vaccine, and I have not. I do not get the flu or viruses. I am healthy and intend to stay healthy. No vaccine for me.

  2. This pushing of the vaccine is not about a virus .It is trying to bring USA to become. a third World country so the despots can run this nation

    1. OILY, do U know anyone who has had C-19? I have; 2 entire families died in my hometown all 6 & all 9. I know 2 socially who had it; the 40+ years old walks with a walker; by-the-way her husband died of it. A man I know had it he looks thin as a rail & as if he might be sick & he doesn't know it! Lose your looks for what? Wow, I wish to look good until I'm too old to look good not looking half dead while I'm young. I say let people do as they please just stay away from others; If U get it don't ask for help just take whatsoever U think & do not take up hospital-bed; U just live with it!

    Where is the federal law that says we HAVE TO TAKE THE VACCINE, aka. as the DEATH JAB ?

  4. Tell Joe Bidens progressive communist left to take a hike . You do not want to start a war you willnot win.

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