NYPD Attempts To Stop Vaccine Mandate, Judge Steps In

 November 1, 2021

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's COVID vaccine mandate requires that all city workers get the vaccination or be put on unpaid leave. The Police Benevolent Association tried to stop the mandate from going into effect, but the judge ruled against them.

Vaccination or Unpaid Leave

Richmond County Supreme Court Judge Lizette Colon ruled on Oct. 27 that de Blasio's mandate was, in fact, legal, and those who did not get the shot can be put on unpaid leave. City employees had until 5 p.m. on Friday to get at least their first dose of the vaccine.

According to WABC, New York City has about 160,500 employees. Colon did not feel like the current procedure for regularly testing was enough.

Employees who are not vaccinated were to work their weekend shifts but could not report for duty on Monday morning, according to New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.

“On Monday, when this thing starts being enforced, and if you’re not vaccinated, no pay and you won’t be able to work. I don’t think anyone wants that to happen…We need you out there. Please take advantage of the next few days and get vaccinated.”

Commissiner Dermot Shea

In a city facing rising crime rates and lower numbers of officers, the last thing they need is 22 percent of their workforce on leave. But with the mandate in place, that is exactly what will happen unless they all decided to get vaccinated over the weekend.

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39 comments on “NYPD Attempts To Stop Vaccine Mandate, Judge Steps In”

  1. NYPD, NYC residents MUST PAY judge a BLM not so peaceful protest at the America hating CCP complicit traitor. Judge, dirt back DiBlasio and all vax Nazis need death row.

  2. Well, maybe it is time to call out the dictators and get a Facebook page for donations for the unappreciated members of the first responders.
    This is still the Republic of America with a Constitution that gives our people rights. That means if I don’t want that unproven vaccine that is making people sick, well then I don’t have to. My body, my choice.
    Blue flu called for!

    1. You forget; we have the Furor. Joe Biden, that will be OUR DICTATOR..... The democrats are now the gestapo...........................

      1. God sees and will punish the wicked Biden, Schumer. Pelosi and the little Rat Schiff for being Evil!!! We, The Republican Party for President Trump, WILL PREVAIL! As well, Jill has a Husband who is Not Joe and has no place in Politics with Sleepy Filled-His-Pants Stinky Joe!!!

      2. Um, am I the only one that realizes a mandate is NOT A LAW? This entire Country is going to hell under the present administration, starting with the president and going down the line. The few representatives that actually are working for the benefits of the the American people are not enough. Their hands are tied.
        GODDESS/GOD HELP US,before it's too late,(if it isn't already).

  3. This is what happens when you VOTE the Democrat into Position og handing out your RULES to go BY!! SO BEWARE & PROTECT YOURSELVES!!

  4. After a week of few police officers and firemen, this lunacy will end. Crime will be up, emergency services will be spotty and fires will go unattended. People will be demanding that city workers be put back on the job. Hang in there and force Mayor DeBlasio to eat crow Perhaps that will be a good time to demand a raise!!! .

  5. You all have to protest! All of you walk off the job in unity. Protest on the public side walk with signs. If you do not stick together as one they will divide you. The firefighters and the police should all unite too. Pick a day and ALL OF YOU WALK OFF THE JOB!. All day you answer no calls nothing! Only way you will get what needs to be changed. No new hires either. Let NYC live with no services and see how they like that. The Communist Mayor will get the point. Everyone will blame him if they are not doing it now. You can not care and all just walk off job. The Police and fighters need to join you too.

    1. If everybody does get together for a blue-flu day, that day should also be accompanied by the following. Blockade all the airports private & commercial, (no one in or out). Blockade all the bridges, (no one on or off the island). And last but most important. BLOCKADE & SHUT DOWN THE NY. STOCK EXCHANGE & WALL-STREET, ( NO ONE IN OR OUT, & NO TRADING ), FOR 24 HOURS. This will do no damage, but WILL get everyone's attention. Just think about it. The 35,310 city employees alone, would be enough to be the blockades , not to mention all the public who would join that number. As in a peaceful protest.
      Many protests have shut-down Airports, Bridges, Highways & several blocks of a city before. So why not now & why not New York City as a protest ground-zero?
      Who knows where it could spread from there ? Maybe all the way to the White House .
      But what do I know. I'm just some poor John Doe out in the real world, I'm not some kind of political organizer or anything. I just see what I see & comment on it.
      All I want is for this great country to come together, GET OFF IT"S BACK & GET BACK ON IT'S FEET AGAIN. A S A F R E E C O U N T R Y ..............

  6. This has been part of the democrats plan all along they will stop the protection by getting the first responders off the streets putting us all at great risk especially with the all immigrants terrorist coming in...causing even more fear and chaos. Till they have us all under there thumb treating us like lab rats...they will take your children and turn them against you teach Americans are evil people teach our history is wrong it either didn't happen or it didn't happen the way it is told...they will destroy all rights the constitution will be destroyed...and their a dictator to rule our once great country is fast becoming a third world country.

    1. And the only other solution is a new civil war or revolution. What is it you think we can do without using either of those solutions? They already cheat on the elections. As one famous person said many decades ago, it's not who you vote for, it's who does the counting.

      1. Hear hear.
        I really do not think that our men and women in the military would turn their guns on their fellow citizens, just because some f'ing politician said "I don't like what they said or did so shoot them". I say this because I feel like that is what the DemocRATS think they can do. They think that since the panzie-ass top brass officers of the military will do what ever they tell them to, then ALL the troops under them will also. I say that our men and women in uniform are more intelligent than that. There have been MANY officers throughout history that have been KILLED by their own troops, whether by accident or deliberately, for commanding them to do something they knew was not right or lawful.

  7. To take someone's livelihood away from them because they refuse to be injected with an experimental drug, is 100% insanity! There is no other way to say this!

  8. This is unconstitutional and against everything the United States stands for! We have all got to stand up and tell them no! We are a country of freedom and if we don’t want to be just another freedom less socialist country we have got to stand up now! It will be our jobs next!

    1. NOVEMBER 11TH is VETERAN'S DAY. A day where we celebrate Patriotism to a Free Nation and Profound Thanks to those who expressed their allegiance by dying for Our Constitutional Republic. This is the day to Stand up and tell a would be Socialist government to GET OUT OF THE WAY AND GO DIE SOMEWHERE. Let's tell Biden we'll pay for the airfare to China for him and All his SOCIALIST-COMMUNIST LEANING ASSOCIATES. BIDEN'S mandate is still not "Clap Trap" - https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/09/10/bidens-covid-vaccine-mandate-law-enforceable/8273693002/

  9. Also that judge needs to be thrown off the bench. There is no law that says anyone can require us to take a shot that we don’t trust!

  10. Ok, let me see if I've got this right. 160,500 city employees less 22 percent comes out to about 35,310.
    So there are going to be 35,310 city employees, Police, Fire Department, EMT's, Sanitation, Public Works, Office persons, Maintenance Workers, Transportation Workers, ect. out of a job come 11/01/2021.
    I can not speak for those 35,310 people but, in my opinion. When you take the food off of someone's table & take away their ability to provide for their family. You have got a HUGE PROBLEM on you're hands. I think that these Mayors & Governors & Politicians, need to think long & hard about what they are doing to the American People. In other words, they better watch their backs because "desperate people WILL do desperate things" Think about the ramifications of what 35,310 EXTREAMLY PISSED OFF former city employees could do.
    Kings & Queens didn't think that a bunch of peasants with Pitch-forks & Rakes would be able to ANYTHING. Well history shows that they were WRONG. The PEASANTS DID PREVAIL.

    Just to cover my own ass. I am not saying to revolt. But it seems that these politicians want to keep striking matches while they are sitting on top of a powder-keg with a VERY SHORT FUSE.
    In my opinion, the only way to keep them from blowing us ALL up. Is to either throw water on them to (wet the powder & cool off the situation) or KNOCK THEM THE HELL OFF OF WHERE THEY ARE SITTING.
    I don't know about you. But I don't want to get blown up.

    1. It’s 35,310 less than 160,500 equals 125,190 city employees left. And of those left who will fight this large mob of employees on unpaid leave? NOT MANY!

  11. OUR "LEADERS" are sorrowfully mistaken. If truly LEADERS and interested in the WELL BEING OF CITIZENS, then they Must "Divorce" Political leanings and "Correctness" from their decisions. GEE-Could mass chaos, crime and sickness be worse than tolerating personal choice to not vaccinate.

    1. Small (b) biden IS NOT a leader, but a dementia addled CCP puppet & FOOL who doesn't know his @ss from a hole in the ground.
      Get rid of this Anti American bass turd before his
      policies ruin America, Use Section 25,,,totally incapable.
      Impeachment won't work as the House is full democarapt.

  12. Judge Lizette Colonoscopy is a dyed in the wool dimocrapt. Neither she Nor communist Warren Wilhelm Jr (aka deBlasio) before he changed his name to hide his commie background, can Mandate employees to get a shot or be relieved from duty without pay.

  13. dermot shea is attempting to Mandate vacccines which are not in his authority nor his pervue,
    Where do these "petty bureaucrats" get the idea they somehow have "DICTATOR" rights.

  14. Watch what happens as this ILLEGAL mandate is enacted. Firing the blue like that holds cities together.
    That dimocrapt judge Lizette Colonscopy has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to mandate vaccinations or anything else. She doesn't have DICTATORUAL powers?
    Get stuffed Ms colon,

    1. Funny how all of these first responders in NYC are being fired or put on "UNPAID" leave for refusing the vaccine but 700 incompetent teachers,
      (collect their annual salaries of $70,000 plus to the tune of $600,000 annually to the taxpayers) sit in a room every day play cards, do puzzles, read newspapers, etc., and collect their full salaries because they can't be fired because of the union. Funny one union takes care of its members and another doesn't have the same right.

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