From Homeless Teen Mom To Police Officer

By Ethan Cole on
 February 26, 2022

There is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world right now, from COVID-19, to politics, to the Russia-Ukraine situation and global unrest.

Fortunately, there are still reasons NOT to give up on humanity. We are going to bring those stories to you more often, in addition to the updates on Ukraine and other breaking news.

This heartwarming story started out years ago when Miaja Jefferson was a young, homeless mother. She his rock bottom and went to a child protective services office to seek help. While there, she had a once in a lifetime conversation with a Police Officer.

You read that right... Miaja's lifechanging conversation was not with a social worker, it was with a Police Officer.

Despite what anti-Police activists would have you believe, the vast majority of Law Enforcement Officers really do care about the community they serve.

This is evident in Miaja's transformation from homeless teen mom to Police Officer. This one conversation sparked a determination in the young, teenaged Miaja.

After speaking with the Police Officer and child protective services, Miaja was placed into foster care with her baby. Her foster family was amazed at how determined Miaja was to change her circumstances.

Fast forward a few years, the once homeless teen mom graduated from KSU with a bachelors degree in criminal justice with the goal of pursuing her dream of becoming a Police Officer herself:

This story is a great example of just how impactful the men and women in blue really are.

Let us know what you think of Miaja's journey in the comments below!

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5 comments on “From Homeless Teen Mom To Police Officer”

  1. I think its great everyone can make it if you work hard Black. White Asian Indian please dont say poor me im oppsed etc

  2. She just needed a direction and encouragement !!!!! AWESOME JOB by this young lady !!!!! Officers make a lot of good things happen !!!!

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