K9 Officer Maya Down After Pursuing Violent Hostage Taker

I think we can all agree that K9 Officers are heroes in their own right. They don't ask for much, yet they are willing to give all. There's a special place in hell for anyone who would bring harm to these dedicated public servants.

K9 Officer Maya, a 6 1/2 year-old Belgian Malinois of the West Jordan Police Department was killed in the line of duty. Her murderer was killed in the gunfight as well.

The incident began when an armed man took a woman hostage. The victim managed to escape, though her attacker gave pursuit. Police immediately joined and the hunter became the hunted.

After a harrowing car chase, spike strips were deployed and took out the suspects car. He jumped from his car and tried to outrun the pursuing Officers.

At some point during the foot pursuit a gunfight broke out, killing both Maya and the suspect.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the West Jordan Police Department and Maya's partner. K9 Officers are considered brothers and sisters in arms and this is a devastating loss.

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