LA Police Officers Shackled While Anti-Police Activists, Criminals Rejoice

The continued assault on legitimate Law Enforcement in some cities is appalling. Especially when these cities are crippled by skyrocketing crime rates.

One would think that empowering Law Enforcement to do their job would be critical. Instead, cities like Los Angeles continue to appease activists and enable criminals.

The LA city council approved a new policy that discourages Law Enforcement from following their instincts and utilizing pretextual stops to investigate crime:

 “use reasonable suspicion or probable cause of a minor traffic code violation as a pretext to investigate another, more serious crime that is unrelated to that violation.”

Allegedly, pretextual stops have lead to a disproportionate rate of minority drivers being pulled over. Since a small number of these pretextual stops lead to the discovery of serious crimes, the city is interpreting the data to mean that minorities are being targeted by Law Enforcement.

The new restrictions would require Officers to state how a pretextual stop lead to the discovered crime. The problem is that the rule is overly vague, especially when defining how Officers will be disciplined.

It is important to point out that in America, Police must be held accountable for their actions. However, writing policy based on anti-Police sentiment is despicable.

Let us know what you think of this policy in the comments below.

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