LA Police Officers Shackled While Anti-Police Activists, Criminals Rejoice

The continued assault on legitimate Law Enforcement in some cities is appalling. Especially when these cities are crippled by skyrocketing crime rates.

One would think that empowering Law Enforcement to do their job would be critical. Instead, cities like Los Angeles continue to appease activists and enable criminals.

The LA city council approved a new policy that discourages Law Enforcement from following their instincts and utilizing pretextual stops to investigate crime:

 “use reasonable suspicion or probable cause of a minor traffic code violation as a pretext to investigate another, more serious crime that is unrelated to that violation.”

Allegedly, pretextual stops have lead to a disproportionate rate of minority drivers being pulled over. Since a small number of these pretextual stops lead to the discovery of serious crimes, the city is interpreting the data to mean that minorities are being targeted by Law Enforcement.

The new restrictions would require Officers to state how a pretextual stop lead to the discovered crime. The problem is that the rule is overly vague, especially when defining how Officers will be disciplined.

It is important to point out that in America, Police must be held accountable for their actions. However, writing policy based on anti-Police sentiment is despicable.

Let us know what you think of this policy in the comments below.

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14 comments on “LA Police Officers Shackled While Anti-Police Activists, Criminals Rejoice”

  1. Stupid is as stupid does, I guess California likes the criminals over taking their state. the police in california should all just quit and move out to a state like arizona where we appreciate our police. Let the criminal take over California, Rob, kill , and wipe california off the map. It is a worthless state with worthless leaders. Newsom needs to be locked up in general population so he can get the real feeling of what they think of him. you people in california keep voting these worthless criminals into office you deserve what you ask for. Don't cry me a river.

    1. WELL A/H as a born and raised CA, we do not get much to vote on! WE are out numbered by the filthy rich, Hollyweirdos, sorass, and the so called people in charge! WE vote alright and like the scum, he was voted out, BUT some how like the fraud Pres. election we were out numbered! SO don't mouth off when you don't know nothing! $$$$ talks!

    2. California is lead by a ver stupid and ignorant Governor. He's the nephew of Nancy Pelosi. He has a recall, but the dumb people of California still voted for him. They get what the deserve. Unless, of course the vote was rigger, which is very possible.

    3. California has a very ignorant governor. He's Nancy Pelosi's nephew. I'll never understand why the democrats are like this. They should be protecting their state instead of ruining it. The people are no better either who vote for this stupid governor.

  2. Its bs keep making it harder for cops to do their jobs is not helping -- well it is helping the crooks

  3. LA stands for Land of Assholes !!!!!!! Plain stupid, so no reason to have police if they aren't allowed to do their job !!!! People of color (Black's) are 7% of population, yet they commit 49% of crimes!!! Possibly more, that's 2019 data. So, the city council is at fault when crimes continue to RISE !!!!!

  4. You can’t fix stupid. Don’t these idiots know that they are allowing criminals to do whatever they want, and probably even murder an officer. I am sorry, but they are definitely going to hell. Hope they have fun with the demons. Believe me, they are real. You know what, these fools will probably cry when they get caught just like a girl (sorry but true). God will punish all who think they are above the law. They may think they are getting by with it all, but they will get caught. You are the minority. Those of you that are being hurt by this nonsense need to fight back. Good example is Ukrainian citizens fighting for their country against Putin the bully. He is such a short fool.

  5. Typical Liberal behavior to protect the criminals but you have to live with it thank God not me.

  6. I believe that it is completely horrendous for our police to be defunded. Apparently those who are calling for this have never had to call on a police officer for assistance or help in any situation. Perhaps that just might happen to them when there is no police around to come to the rescue.

  7. I'm thinking that liberalism is the practice of gross stupidity. Liberalism spreada like a cancer. The cult like belief system has everybody conspiring to perpetuate the idea that all the wrongs in the world can be "wished" away simply by being nice to those people who are criminals. The naivete of that thought process makes one wonder where these people were to not have been standing in line when God was handing out brains?

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