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16 comments on “Man In Body Armor Rams Cop, Then Orders Officer To Get Out And Shoot Him”

  1. I hate to say it but i hope the piece of crap is dead so he wont be living off the govt for the rest of his life

    1. He wasn't living off of rje government . the government lives off of us. And 98 % of them are crooks themselves

    1. And the same can be said about our government and a communist in our WHITEHOUSE. They all deserve a firing squad.

  2. Iā€™m glad the police had a camera, God Bless the police and watch over them! They are not all bad!!

  3. Anyone who kills a police officer needs an "immediate
    death sentence. Not 20 years in prison, waiting for
    a hearing, then get off Scott Free.

    1. Well you believe what you will but there are cops out there that is as crooked as a snake. Some cops deserve it more than some so called criminals.

  4. How insane this idiot is! He wouldn't have been shot had he not said he was going to shoot on the count of three! He's either high on drugs or he did it so he could sue the police. I would hope that IA would say that this was a righteous shooting considering the way the guy was acting. He must be a democratic? They're the only ones stupid enough to do something like that!

  5. Man what the hell they doing to tbese sites I just signed to you tube to watch a video. And nevef saw it . they complicated the hell out of watching crap. I don't this this stuff very often probably won't again. Age restricted video what the hell is this the ageoftbe COMMUNIST oooops it is

  6. I believe the KKK have infiltrated the US police departments. They are shooting unarmed Black men in the Back at a high rate and getting away with it. White people turn a Blind eye to this, they have eyes unless they are just that Stupid. Listen up Black people, arm yourselves, purchase all AR15s as you can. Will defend ourselves against the KKK, racist cops and racist white people. I love all races of people, l just hate the ones who hate Me.

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