Witness Says Man Told 4-Year-Old To Shoot At Police Officers

 February 22, 2022

We all know how out of hand the anti-Police movement has gotten, but this takes it to a whole new level.

It all went down in a suburb of Salt Lake City Utah when a man pointed a gun at McDonalds employees over an order dispute. A nearby witness allegedly overheard the man tell a 4-year-old to shoot at responding Police.

Fortunately, an Officer saw that the gun was being brandished by a child and managed to deflect the barrel before it went off. The Officer was also able to communicate to other Police nearby that it was a kid, which prevented Officers from returning fire.

Salt Lake City Sheriff Rivera said this is a sad day for both Law Enforcement and the Community:

“To have an adult think it is OK to encourage a four-year-old to pull a firearm and shoot at police illustrates how out of hand the campaign against police has gotten,”

Has anti-Police sentiment gone too far in America? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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28 comments on “Witness Says Man Told 4-Year-Old To Shoot At Police Officers”

  1. Good lord what the hell is this world coming to? A man tried to convince a four year old child to shoot police officers? Wtf

    1. This father needs to loose his rights to his children, he has no right to raise a child or even pointing a gun at a McDonald’s worker how terrifying lock him up and throw away the key

    2. You're exactly right! The Earth is slowly perishing in front of our eyes. But contiue to trust in Him! Most of all, pray for the hearts, minds, and souls of the "evildoers" on this planet. ONLY GOD CAN CHANGE THEM! PRAY FOR THIS IN HIS HOLY NAME, AMEN!!

    1. It's going to take God and heaven to straighten this world out from all the BS the liberals are putting into it they're falling right into Satan's grip I'm disgusted God help us all

  2. Society as a whole is in a terrible downward spiral when you see parents teaching their children disrespect for authority.

    1. Like teaching the child to commit murder? And because he was allowed to disrespect authority how would his father feel if the child turned the gun on him or his mother ?

  3. Why did the News not show the Father? I understand the child. But I bet we know why. And I guarantee this person was not a legally permitted concealed weapons holder‼️

  4. Thanks to the democrats and brainless lameduck Biden it has come to this. We all know the democrats are going to love this story. Killing is what they are all about. This man should never be allowed to see that son again. God forbid this kid is going to grow up and he will probably be our next school shooter.

  5. Good thing that police officer was able to deflect that gun. No small child should handle a gun. First it is too heavy for them to have control, second they have no idea what the consequences will be.

  6. Unfortunately our younger parents are acting and living like the inner city welfare junkies. Time to take the internet and electronics from kids where they learn hate , violence and bigotry

  7. What does the Bible say about leading children astray that it better a millstone be hung around a perp's neck. Pray for parent's hate and leading child to hate 🙏🤐

  8. GOD have MERCY !!!!!! That's the problem of today's children, IGNORANT parents !!!! He could have gotten that child killed, and then all HELL would have broken loose !!!!!!
    Great job by the officer on scene !!!!!!

  9. Yes.if we have bad unfit parents instructing children to shoot officers,I think we've stepped over the edge.it's time for change.

  10. It's not the father or his child that made this incident happen .
    It is the gun that caused the problem !
    We just need to eliminate every firearm in America , so we can stop all of the gun violence .
    This is what our Liberal administration and the Democratic party have taught us.

    1. If a drunk driver kills someone, it is the driver's fault - same with a gun. The gun does nothing on it's own - it's in the hands of the one controlling it. It is always the fault of the person, not the equipment.

  11. The insane parent knows that if the 4yr old would have shot an officer, our out of control, so called justice system, would have let the parent go and would not have been able to prosecute a 4yr old.

  12. If it was automatically a death sentence for any adult regardless of race or gender, that encourages a child to cause harm to any police officer, this garbage would stop. No need for a trial or anything if you have a witness to such stupidity. Any adult that would encourage a child to cause harm to anyone at all, that adult needs to be taken out of society for good, and that does not mean to be put in prison to live off the taxpayer. It means take out of society by death.

    1. I don't know the legal end of things, but after disarming the kid, I'd use my gun and take out the parent. End of problem.

  13. That father need's to go to jail for attempted murder on police officers. This child needs to get help for what his father has told him to do. He needs never have anything to do with his son again. He is sick!!!

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