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8 comments on “Officer Ambushed, Gunman Unloads Entire Magazine Into Police Car”

  1. If this was from several years ago, why was it put up again without clarification? Come on Meg Swinney... You must do better than that! A little prologue goes a long way!

  2. Oh yeah leftist calling for defund the police. Yep real intelligent...Not! Maybe they should do ride alongs. Nah won't be enough room in the Police car once their private security. SUPPORT THE BLUE!!!

  3. Looks El Salvadorian and not his 1st Rodeo.
    Moved and shot calmly. Either ex miltary, police, drug cartel but moving taking cover and returning fire and keeping his eye on the target.Even when he retreated he keeps his eye on the police officers location.

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