Officer Slain In Sickening Multi-State Crime Spree

 January 1, 2022

In a horrific turn of events, an Illinois Deputy responded to an assist call only to find fellow Deputy Sean Riley dead at the scene. Deputy Riley had been shot shortly after calling in the plate information of the suspects vehicle. The gunman stole the slain officer's patrol vehicle.

The suspect went on to commit multiple other violent crimes in a multi-state spree, to include carjacking, hostage taking, and ultimately, a SWAT team assault.

The Wayne County Sheriff's department and the family of Officer Riley are devastated, we hope you will join us in sending them our thoughts and prayers.

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9 comments on “Officer Slain In Sickening Multi-State Crime Spree”

  1. We are so sorry to hear of yet another officer being slain. Our prayers go out to the family and fellow officers.

    1. Sincere sympathy for our officers, there should be an immediate death penalty for those that shoot an office or any law enforcement. They do nothing to those that commit crimes.

  2. Sending prayers for all involved, just don't know what has come over this world, I grew up respecting our law enforcement!!🙏🙏🙏

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