PETITION: 100,000 Americans AGAINST Defunding The Police [Sign Your Name]

 February 24, 2021

A dangerous narrative is taking root in America: DEFUND THE POLICE.

This narrative has consequences. The movement emboldens criminals and erodes the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies.

Policing in America is already an incredibly difficult job. Unfortunately, it's going to get even more difficult.

Despite failed experiments at defunding the Police, the movement is still growing. In fact, more and more cities are enacting policies aimed at reducing funding for law enforcement.

It's time to create a counter movement.

That's where you come in. By signing this petition in support of our brave men and women in blue, you are joining us in standing with those who stand for others.

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11 comments on “PETITION: 100,000 Americans AGAINST Defunding The Police [Sign Your Name]”

  1. God bless our Blue. I wish a law was passed that anyone who shot a Police Officer would automatically get the Death Penalty. That would make our officers safer.

  2. We need out Men and Women in Blue, Black now more than ever! Just like in any line of work, there are those who should not be holding the job. One bad apple doesn’t mean the whole tree is bad!


  3. this is another way to tear us down and take control of our freedoms and our properties will be next. this is a very dangerous time for every one in America!

  4. We need our police.!We also need to stop releasing those arrested immediately without bail. No punishment means they go right back out and commit crime again. Our police officers should be respected and honored for all they do. God bless America and God bless the “BLUE”.

  5. We must support our brave men and women in blue and that are our police. God bless them and their family.

  6. Without the police America will become another Zimbabwe, no one will be safe, people will be robbed, raped, beaten and killed!

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