Police Officer Responds To Suicidal Man Dangling Over Highway

Let's face it, Police officers deal with some insane situations. From domestic violence to homicide and everything in between, every shift is fraught with new dangers.

Unfortunately, many look at Law Enforcement and think that they can be replaced by social workers. This asinine theory will result in more deaths, both suspects and the social workers themselves.

An Atlanta Police Officer is proving that Law Enforcement can handle anything, even those experiencing a mental health crisis.

APD Sgt. Jason Combee arrived on the scene of a suicidal man dangling from a bridge over a busy highway. The man had called 911 and expressed intent to kill himself.

After a conversation with Combee, the man decided against ending his life. He agreed to be treated at a nearby hospital.

Sgt. Combee did what the vast majority of First Responders do every day, saving the lives of others.

Check out the body cam footage of the event and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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