Police Tackle Suspect After Hot Pursuit and Tense Standoff

Last updated: November 10, 2022

A San Diego Police Department officer spotted a wanted male suspect traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of Broadway, downtown San Diego.

The officer attempted to stop the driver but he fled at high speed and ran several red lights. The driver finally stopped at Broadway and 22nd but refused to comply with orders to surrender. He started throwing items out of his car, swearing at the officers and threatening to kill them.

After 30-40 minutes, he got out of the car but still did not comply. The suspect finally attempted to run away but officers were able to tackle him and make the arrest.

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10 comments on “Police Tackle Suspect After Hot Pursuit and Tense Standoff”

  1. We have an issue in Dexter Park with foolish neighbors driving golf carts wrong way against traffic. We also have street racers and others who barrel ass through the entry point at a blind spot.

  2. Drag the punk out of his car! Little bitch! Sick the dog on him then take him! He’s begging for it! Dumb ass!

    1. Absolutely. Stop engaging these cretins. No need to coddle them. They suck, they are a danger to polite society and should be treated as such. I was shocked that NO ONE hit him with a 40mm less-lethal. I wonder if SDPD is even outfitted with these.

  3. Poor guy. He really does have a limited vocabulary. That's why he doesn't understand what the police are asking him to do.

  4. While watching this entire exchange between the police and the suspect, I thought they could have saved much time by smashing the windows out of the car and directing high-pressure water from a fire truck into the card which may have temporarily disabled the suspect.

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