Retired Police Officers To Protect Schools In Middletown, New Jersey

 June 23, 2023

This article was originally published on June 7, 2022.

In the wake of recent school shootings, many towns are re-evaluating their security measures. This makes sense, because no amount of gun legislation or expectations of Police will make a difference if psycpaths have easy access.

In Middletown, New Jersey, the Board of Education has voted to hire retired police officers to protect their schools. This is a rational measure that will provide actual safety for students and staff.

The new Class III special officers will carry duty weapons and be assigned to each of the district’s 16 schools. They must have retired within the last three years and be younger than 65.

As expected, the anti-gun crowd is up in arms over this smart move. They continue to make baseless, anti-constitutional claims for why law-abiding citizens should give up their rights.

Unfortunately, these misguided activists are only getting louder. Hopefully, they will come to their senses and realize the only fact that matters in regards to violent psycpaths: they are always stopped by a good guy with a gun. Why not make sure the good guy is close enough to actually do something?

We commend the Board of Education for taking this step to protect their students and staff. We only hope that more towns follow suit. Retired police officers and combat veterans are a smart, cost effective solution that will actually make our schools safer.

What do you think? Should more towns hire retired police officers and veterans to protect their schools? Let us know in the comments below

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52 comments on “Retired Police Officers To Protect Schools In Middletown, New Jersey”

  1. The purpose of teachers is to educate. The purpose of police officers is to protect people and keeping law and order. It is that simple so do not change it!!!!!

    1. It is not only about police officers to protect our children. I understand if the children have a two parent home, both parents are responsible in their upbringing. Parents it is too easy to allow children to play these games and stay on their cell phones. Every second a parent has should be focused on Your child. It is hard being a parent. But some of the problem is people crying Defund the police no my friend would you put your life in front of an AR? Teaching starts at home. The Judges and Lawyers, Attorney Generals, DOJ, Supreme Courts, all of these when they choose this position needs to get these young kids off the street. The time in jail should serve the crime if a life is taken then they should spend their entire life in jail without parole. If it is a misdemeanor have them do physical labor until they have paid for their crime. Our judicial system. Stinks. Then with our children being taught to have respect for themselves in our school teachers go back to prayer first, and teach, reading writing, and arithmetic. Smarter children will be made into responsible, respectful, caring Adults. Any change in a childs actions or personality. It is no shame in contacting someone for help.

      1. Agree with you 100%. Children should learn to respect themselves and others. The best lessons learned may hurt. If you place your hand in a fire, you will never do it again. If someone robs someone, they should have to re-pay double and not just get a slap on the wrist. We have laws. They should be respected and enforced.

        1. If you can get this administration to respect and enforce the laws, it would be a good start

      2. EXACTLY !! Teach the ACADEMICS ONLY, and stop all this Leftist indoctrination of our kids. Use prescious school time to te teaching educational subjects, and stop messing with our childrens minds and sexualizing them in 3rd grade. Let them be innocent children not confused by their Leftist teachers. Take the indoctrinstion of Socialism, Marxidm and Communism out too.

  2. If the anti Constitutional people get their way no one will be safe even in their own homes. Call your Congress rep and tell them to vote against an anti gun bill. I believe in what this school board has done to protect children from the mentally ill who have shown time again they could care less what the law says.

  3. This is a great thing to do! Retired officers that not only carry guns but trained to use them!

  4. This only makes sense. Knowing a school has an armed "security" person on staff Monday through Friday and at special events should cause a would-be shooter to think twice about trying to enter the premises. It also will make those inside the school feel safer. Finally someone is really thinking practically instead of letting their emotions control their decisions.

    1. Agree 100%. Basically, a would-be shooter is a coward who will not attack someone larger or stronger than themself. That's why churches and schools are such attractive targets for those cowards because those people are defenseless.

  5. I think this is a good way to go, As a retired military man, with a state issued CCP, I have volunteered my time in the local school system, but unfortunately have aged out. However, that does not prevent us from encouraging other younger vets to volunteer or to offer myself as a training officer if desired.


  7. I totally agree with the board. Police are not required to protect us. Blaming the gun instead of the shooter is like blaming the car and not the driver. Shall we ban all cars? FBI stated that more people were killed by hammers, shall we ban those too? It's not the weapon, it's the idiot that is in control of it that is to blame and the sooner we stop making excuses for their criminal behavior, the sooner it will stop. Stop the wrist slapping and make punishment fit the crime. Maybe it's time for us to copy Israel instead of Europe or Canada.

    1. I'm sorry? "Police are not required to protect us." What is that painted on the sides of Police cars ? "To Protect and serve ?"

      1. decades ago,the Supreme Court decision said that the police have NO OBLIGATION to protect us,but only to solve the crime afterwards. Democrat/KKK/Slave Owner/Communist party was in power at that time,and as fully evil as they are today.

  8. I wonder if the same group of pansies would be against it if their child was killed. The problem is that most men today have no testosterone. Fathers and grandfathers should volunteer to protect their children. Mothers too need to be more like a bear protecting her cub. As for politicians in DC and Governors they all have harm guards 24/7 for themselves and their children go to private schools with guards. Two standards guns for me but not for you.

  9. This is a great move by the school district and I applaud them for taking the inititive. I know in a couple of towns close to where I live 2 schools hired a 20 year retired K-9 State Trooper as their Resource Officer . His presense has already made a difference. Again -- many kudos to the Middletown, NJ Bd of Ed !!!!!

  10. I think it's an absolutely perfect idea to hire vets and retired police officers to protect the schools.

    1. Agree 100%. Most of the shooters have some sort of mental problem, therefore more than one trained vet & retired PO is needed per school. Also make it virually impossible to enter the school with out being searched. Much like airport security.

  11. The radical liberal Democrats does not want to protect anybody. All they want to do is rewrite the US Constitution to fit there agenda. For some reason they are scared that illegal gun owners own guns. Maybe it’s because they know they have screw Americans over and they know Americans are getting tired of there radical crap!!

    For anybody not to want Law Enforcement Officers and/or retired military personnel protecting our schools is down right ignorant and pathetic!! If Joe Biden and his band of misfits really wanted to protect our kids and teachers in schools they would make it federal law that all schools were required to have a school resource officer anytime the doors were open!!

    This is why I can’t comprehend why a person in the year 2022 would even think about voting on the Democratic ticket!!

  12. Very smart move! America wake up our kids need protection to be kids! Every school needs to wise up and do the same!

  13. i think this is a very good idea, that way any attacks would be deal with by a professional, Now that is good sense

  14. In my state, constitutional carry is the law. In my city, concealed carry is the norm; including when in/at public schools. We as concerned parents and grandparents are prepared to protect and defend. We don't have MS's here. I think common knowledge, that folks are ready, keeps things normal and quiet.

  15. I salute the school district !! For once someone has a brain and getting to the rut of the problem ! Only reason they are after guns is to disarm our country so others can take it over .

  16. Why has it taken so long to see the light and adopt common sense solutions to the gun violence problem in America. Simple, the ignorant anti-gun lobby does not want a common sense solution that might work. They want children and other innocent people to die at the hand of criminals and mentally ill persons until they get their way, like all liberals behave (I want my way or no way) is their common belief. Until we have good mental health answers to an ever growing number of mentally disturbed young people the use of armed guards at our schools will be needed.

  17. It's the best decision available. Best for everybody, especially the children. Ignore the snowflakes, they will eventually melt away.

  18. So refreshing to read about intelligent people. Now if that same schoolboard take hard looks at the new history books and other books that have an influence on young minds, they will have a complete home run!
    Some of the newer history books are not accurate and are trying to rewrite history! Dangerous in my opinion.

  19. Probably 1 of the most patriotic decisions the Middleton, NJ mayor, city council members and school board members have ever made considering those people embrace Socialism which uses anarchy to promote the interests of a select few.

  20. I think all schools should have security. Glad someone has taken the Bull by the horns and is taking care of our children.

  21. I am old enough to remember state hospitals, the shootings did not happen then. Plus this country is going down hill, people don't care about others.

  22. Fantastic! In FL, our Sheriff's Office in each county has officers assigned as School Resource Officers. It has been a success. These officers answer to the Sheriff, not the School Board as in Uvalde, TX. Each officer has the same authority as any officer on the road and follows the same directives. They have the same arrest powers, etc. because they are sworn officers. It's been wonderful for our schools and for the parents' peace of mind.

  23. Smart, every school should do this, then we can stop these worthless gun laws that do nothing

  24. Congratulations to the Middletown School Board for implementing this protective measure. The current scourge of school shootings will not end till all soft targets are adequately protected.
    The anti-guns people are unwilling to listen to logic and unfortunately won't wake up until tragedy strikes their homes or someone they know.
    Social issues like two parent families, proper love of parent for their child AND appropriate discipline NOT abuse, appropriate sentencing for those that commit crime, no more of this cashless bail system you find in liberal run cities and states, adequate numbers of police and, community and official support for the LEOs. Then start working on getting a handle on illegal guns. Lastly, getting control of our Southern Border and stem the flow of illegal alien and the drugs they smuggle or bring with them

  25. A very good & highly common sense decision to protect students at schools. Take notice America and do the same at other schools.

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