Sheriff's Office Santa Tweet Angers Activists

 December 7, 2021

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office posted a Tweet promoting Santa and concealed carry permits. This of course prompted outrage from many who are not so keen on the right to keep and bear arms.

The majority of the outrage centered around the fact that legally concealed guns by trained individuals are somehow traumatic to children. This is especially ridiculous because the number of concealed carry permit holders who commit violent crime in the US is nearly insignificant.

In fact, states with higher numbers of concealed permits or Constitutional Carry laws have significantly lower crime rates than the more restrictive States (source).

All in all, while everyone loses their minds over an innocent Tweet, aren't there real problems we could be focusing on? Anyways, this all seems a bit overblown... check out the Tweet below and lets us know what you think.

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32 comments on “Sheriff's Office Santa Tweet Angers Activists”

    1. Or a mob of woke "x-mass shoppers" deciding it is easier to take from an old man in a sleigh, than drive to a mall and help themselves to the inventory...

    2. There are many liberals who hate guns, without ever firing them. Those who are veterans, with concealed carry permits and those who are hunters have been trained to safely handle weapons. Unfortunately, the untrained who do not understand the appropriate use of weapons fear what they do not understand. If they ever need to handle any weapon, they do not even have knowledge to safely handle a weapon.

      1. globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep hate guns because Americans with guns may prevent globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep from committing their crimes .

      2. You are so right, John. The first time I handled a gun (my brother and his son were training me), I was even astounded at how heavy they are! Certainly not like the little toy guns my friends use to play with -- wow -- and I needed to use both hands to aim properly! And safety was the first lesson, of course, since my brother is former law enforcement. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still training, but he thinks I'm a good shot with potential.

  1. I think that was cute. If others donโ€™t like it they need to suck it up and get a life other then condemning every thing. We all have our rights to free speech and the grinches donโ€™t have the right to step on others.

    1. I love it too Linda!! We have a bunch of Anti-Americans who are being paid to destroy America and when ever I can get in their face I will...God Bless Santa!!! And "let's go Brandon"

    1. They scream probably louder than anyone else for the police yet they want to defund them? New definition for insanity.

      1. libby snow flake sheep don't want the police to stop them while committing their crimes but libby snow flake sheep want the police when they are confronted by armed Americans defending their property etc .

    2. YES have them call a Social workeer for their needs. Bunch of trolls not thinking they may want them someday .

      1. Social workers to feed their libby snow flake sheep tidepods to eat and used condoms to snort and convince their libby snow flake sheep that they are unicorns and 1,000 different genders .

  2. Stop posting everything on social media & ALL news sources for 2 months, sit back & watch those a$$hats lose their minds about that, too!

  3. I think that a bunch of whiney individuals need to take a chill pill. They do more harm than all the people with permits issued by every agency that issues concealed handgun permits.

  4. It seems the liberal activists cannot handle the truth, nor do they want to. The truth never seems to fit with their agenda. The other problem the activists have is that they have no legitimate argument for their outlandish conjecture so they throw out accusations of racial discrimination or something equally as absurd!!

  5. I love it. Woke mobber tells white haired old man in a sleigh to "gimmie your stuff". Old man responds with, HO HO HO, Click, boom. One less name on the naughty list. LOL.
    Merry Christmas Everybody.

  6. Yes. Unfortunately this crowd is constantly being decieved by their"feelings of inferiority", their "paranoia" the 'delusions of their own minds" their obsessions to "act out in public".

    1. With the White House squatter and his puppeteers pulling all the strings America will soon be a socialist nation, if we don't gain control of both houses of Congress and then the Presidency, or take some other drastic action against it! ๐Ÿ™

  7. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ need to keep ordering their libby snow flake sheep to be angry about something because libby snow flake sheep are too stupid to think for themself .

  8. Cry me a river. They have the right to not have guns the same as I have the right to have guns. A gun never kills anyone its the IDIOT behind the gun that does.

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