Texas Governor To Arrest Democrat Lawmakers For Blocking Legislative Procedure

 July 14, 2021

Voter rights have been a popular topic of discussion since campaigning for the 2020 presidential elections began. The topic never lost steam, prompting lawmakers to introduce new legislation.

Texas Voting Bills

Currently, Texas is a hotbed of contention for voter laws. While one side claims that the new laws promote voter suppression, the other defends the proposed bills saying they strengthen current laws.

SB 1, introduced by a handful of Republican Senators, aims to bolster election "integrity and security." The bill holds a particular focus on reducing voter fraud.

HB 3 and SB 1 want to ban drive-thru voting and introduce extended morning hours of voting while disallowing 24-hour voting. The bills also restrict mail-in voting, making it a crime to send a ballot to someone who never requested a mail-in ballot.

Finally, the bills introduce additional ID requirements for those who are voting by mail. Driver's license numbers must be written on applications for a mail-in ballot, and if they do not have one, they write the last four digits of their social security number.

Impeding Legislative Process

In order to derail the legislative process and prevent the Republican-controlled legislature from reaching a quorum, 58 Democrat Texas lawmakers loaded up onto private planes, shirked their responsibilities, and flew to Virginia.

Since they do not have a quorum, the GOP cannot pass any legislation. The Democrats bragged about their move to news media outlets and on their social media accounts, attracting the attention of many.

“Minutes ago, at least 57 letters were delivered to the House general clerk directing the House to lock our voting machines and not unlock them until we provide expressed permission to do so upon our return to the Capitol.” 

Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner to WPVI

The move also garnered praise from Vice President Kamala Harris, who met with the legislators in Virginia. They hope to push Biden and Congress into new federal voting laws.

Abbot Won't Have It

Governor Greg Abbot is not impressed by the lawmaker's stunt. He pointed out that the Texas House Speaker has the authority to call for their arrest. He also made sure to mention that this little jaunt is tax-payer funded.

He went as far as to say they "will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done."

The lawmakers do not seem to care. They fully plan on staying out until the bill dies.

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20 comments on “Texas Governor To Arrest Democrat Lawmakers For Blocking Legislative Procedure”

  1. Seems to me they should all be arrested for failing to uphold their responsibilities. Also, they should lose their position now, as they have shown they do not care for the laws of the state or the nation, nor do they care for the people.Spoiled brats in power, equals stupidity in government.

  2. If the Democrats can't do something democratically and legally, they will lie, cheat, and resort to illegal means to attempt to get their way. While they are illegally absent from their duties, their pay and all benefits should also be suspended, and they would also be personally liable for the costs incurred by the people of this state.
    No taxpayer funds should be allocated to these criminals and their offices during this illegal action.

    if the democrats can'

  3. A bunch of losers. Stay in Washington and stay out of Texas. Go live in Delaware or Venezuela

  4. They should be charged like a deserter , leaving there post . Legal voting democrates hate ! Why ? Because they look at voters list and fill them out for them , the dead pool is a voters opportunity to cheat , and do they ever cheat . Ballot harvesting more democratic cheep thrills . Pennsylvania fraud was shown on T V and the supreme Court did nothing . Liers cheater's , frauds accountable for . America loss is a Democrate in charge .

  5. Is there nothing The Democrats won't do to get their way? Lock this bunch up. Charge them for the trip, cut off their pay, and fire everyone of them. The taxpayers should not have to pay a dime for what they are doing.

  6. If I were to not to show up for work it would be "no call, no show" and would be fired and replaced. I agree with arresting them but my opinion is to fire them too.

  7. These treasonous traitors walked off the job like spoiled children.In MY opinion, not only should they face arrest, but they should come back JOBLESS. If we "common people" walked off OUR jobs, we would face IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. (THAT my friends is what these SCUM need to come back to).... (and then, hold a "special election" to fill their "spots" with someone that is willing to work.Freeze their pensions, and "blackball" them so they can never hold public office ever again.(let them find a REAL job)

  8. So...People of Texas, you sure elected a pitiful mess of representatives. I'd be sure and remember that come their next election. I certainly would not elect these shirkers again. Obviously, they don't want the job because they went on vacation as soon as there was something they didn't want to do. How many more vacations will they take? Would YOUR job allow that?

  9. Who owns the plane? Who is paying for all this?
    Cutoff their salary until they earn it!
    Start recall process.

  10. If these bills had been introduced by a democratic party member instead of a republican, I am sure the democrats would have shown up for the vote. I have never seen this country so polarized by political opinions.

  11. I hope that the voters that put these "representatives" into office are proud of their choices.
    There must be a way to fire people like this, "for abandoning their posts". In my world, you would do a long stretch in the crowbar hotel, or end up dead, depending on the situation at that time.
    It's time to throw out the trash.

  12. If Walked Out Of My Job I Would Have Been Fired .So Should These Elected Official's Be Terminated Immediately After There Return . With "No' Exceptions"

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