Lawmakers To Lower Sentences For Murderers

 December 30, 2021

Washington state lawmakers have proposed a bill that seeks to lower sentences for drive-by shooters in the name of racial equality:

House Bill 1692, the brainchild of Rep. David Hackney (D-Tukwila) and Rep. Tarra Simmons (D-Bremerton), seeks to boost “racial equality in the criminal legal system by eliminating drive-by shooting as a basis for elevating” first-degree murder to first-degree aggravated murder.


Apparently, this bill would also retroactively apply to convicted criminals.

Imagine being a law enforcement officer in Washington and similar states where Police have been defunded, but bills like this are aiding criminals. Officers put their time, effort and sometimes their lives on the line to arrest murderers, yet lawmakers are siding with the criminals. This is a slap in the face of those men and women who work tirelessly to keep America safe.

What do you think?

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43 comments on “Lawmakers To Lower Sentences For Murderers”

  1. When President Trump started building the wall, part of it should have been on the eastern border of California, Oregon and Washington. The actions of all three have nothing to do with the rest of the country. All the rest of the "woke", cancel culture and other wacko extreme activists should be transported there!!

  2. WOW this one is probably costing the democRATS big bucks. Tell me people just how much are these IDIOTS paying you to do such an IGNORANT thing such as this. What a disgrace these people are.

  3. Once again, the people who want to ensure racial equity do not understand racial equity or law and order. A drive by shooting is actually worse than aggravated murder. It is more vicious than any other shooting since the person shooting cannot take into account innocent bystanders who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lawmakers should increase the penalty in the interest of equity. After all the possibility of the death of more minorities should be the concern not the increased prison time of the person (white or black) who would persist in a vicious drive by shooting. The intent of the drive by shooting is mayhem and a definite risk to any community including minority communities. This statement also applies to mass shootings in any circumstance.

    1. I agree. Drive by shootings are mayhem, senseless acts of murder in the first. They are premeditated even not knowing who they are killing in some instances.

    2. Where are those liberals who want to put a stop to gun violence? I thought that the whole idea behind minimum mandatory sentences for using firearms in a crime was to stop gun violence. 10-20-life is a logical and sensible way to reduce gun violence, not taking away the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding gun owners.

  4. that's what happens when voters elect those radical, left-wing demon-crats.......Only thing I can say, is the public better "arm" themselves and exercise their "Second " Amendment "right" to open carry, conceal carry on their person, in their vehicles and in the homes to defend/protect themselves against drive by shooters, and thugs, looters and the like. If you shoot back, then most likely the aggressive ones (those breaking the law), will stop and go somewhere else, unless you strike one and get rid of him/her/them.

  5. I think America has moved so far left and carried the "Poor Pitiful Prison Inmate" to a new level of concern. God help us (the average citizen) from our law makers. We can change this at the next election.

  6. I pray for the legislators and their kids to be shot down by this scum. I have a feeling things would change.

  7. As long as Washington voters keep electing & supporting Progressive Democrats nothing will change. Once the voters say " enough ! " they will begin to cleanse their elected offices of these Marxists . And for decent, average people I would think the change can't come soon enough. It's time to protect people from criminals. NOT the other way around ! Shame on Washington elected officials !!

  8. That's wonderful, then when tragedy hits their family they will be like the dad in San Francisco who voted for Chesan for DA but now wants him recalled because the murderer of his son will only have a short sentence !!! It's all fine and good until you're affected by your decisions !!!!
    KARMA is a BE ACH !!!!!

  9. The IDIOCY and FAILURE to show their support for the LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS of their STATES/CITIES knows no BOUNDS for these INSANE DEMOCRATS!

  10. Sadly,here in New york,York, can't tell you how many times innocent by standers have been hurt or killed in these situations.this is an awful idea which I'm sure the genius politicians here will soon try to implement

  11. Washington, Oregon and Californication all care much more about felons and illegals than they do law avbiding citizens. I say defund the prosecuting attorneys in those states and the people that make the laws.

  12. How much clearer must it get that the democrats/far lefts will destroy are country if the people don't act soon, they have the system under their power they must be stopped !

  13. Plain and simple, these racists are putting the citizens of this country at risk. They probably have someone in prison. Equality my ass, grow up and treat everyone equal, because this is a grand show of extreme racism at others expense if I've ever seen it.

  14. These lawmakers have got to be the most ignorant individuals to ever serve!! The only thing those thugs will do is get out and commit more crimes. I can not understand why Democratic lawmakers insist on letting those thugs out of jail!!

  15. Just more proof that any so-called politician with a "D" behind his/her name is irresponsible, incompetent and needs to be replaced!!

    1. You guessed that right. Of course the first time one of these lunatic family members is the victim of a driveby shooting, then this law will be repealed.

  16. The stupidity of these lawmakers is beyond common sense. They are pandering to criminals. I don't care of you are white or purple, if you commit a crime you should pay the price. I do hope the voters will remember this at their next election.

  17. How will they feel when they come for their families ? No extra protection for these people let then hang.

  18. First I thought the Supreme Court made it illegal to make laws retroactive. Second, there would be no racial inequality if the Hispanics Asians and Blacks would stop or cut back, or at least cut back to the percentage done by white gangs.

  19. Crimes like Murder are up exponentially yet these Communist Indoctrinated Woke Zombie American Bolshevik Progressive Humanist Lemming's believe the LIES, and not the TRUTH. They have bought the Communist Indoctrintion False Meta-Narritive instead of the truth. If the Truth does not fit their Meta-Narritive they ignore it. They are calling Good Bad and Bad God just as Isaiah warned about . They arefalling away from Morality in tto Lawlessness just as JESUS The CHRIST, Peter, Paul, James, John, and Jude have warned us about. The Apostasy especially inthe Democrat ranks is growing rapidly again justvas JESUS warned us about. They will not believe Real Science it does not fit their Views so they pick and choose just like Oprah's Shopping Mall Religion, they shop for onlybthat Science which supports their Indoctrination. The same holds true with their Meta-Narritive Mainstream Media even when the Truth smacks them in theface they hold to their lies. All of this is Real Sign's that we are living at the end of the age. But sadly my warnings will go unheeded as the Tribulation approaches. I will continue to warn as long as I have Breath for I can do this as JESUS commanded tell them, warn them, hold to the Truth even when te world does not I will stand with JESUS The CHRIST rather then with the world for I can do none other. I will keep Praying for Revival as the agent of Satan continue to spew the False Meta-Narritives to ensnare many.

  20. Thank God I livge in Texas where laws like this would be trashed as soon as it's mentioned!
    No wonder people are leaving these states in Droves, and what a waste of time to be a police officer!
    Sanity has been replaced by Insanity!

  21. How's that crime on the streets working out for all you idiots in Seattle and elsewhere on the Left coast.
    Murders, shooting, carjackings are at record highs and you want to defund the police. My dog is smarter that that. Send in social workers or Al Sharpton and Obama....that will surely take care of any issues. Allow the thugs and terrrorists to literally get away with looting, destruction of private property, murder and keep lowering the penalties. You citizens should be complaining loudly instead of supporting the scum terrorists from blm and antifa.

  22. It just makes me think those lawmakers are planning some drive-by shootings and want to get away with it. Isn't that the reason for defunding the police? So you can do as you please to whoever you please?

  23. This law if passed will last only until one of these idiots gets shot at or a member of their family or friends. Then they will be whining about lack of police protection or blame the police for not doing their job. Of course, the blame lies squarely with the voters. So when a member of the illiterate liberal crowd gets shot, claa Lebron and ask him what you should do.

  24. Many, if not most, states have sentencing guidelines as does the federal government. The purpose of the guidelines is to establish uniformity in sentencing. Things considered in arriving at a sentencing score include such things as prior convictions, the violence of the crime and victim injuries. The whole idea of the guidelines is to objectively arrive at an appropriate sentence while excluding such things as race from being considered. It's only reality that the higher scores are assigned to the more violent crimes and to those defendants who have the longest rap sheets. So if a defendant who happens to be black runs up a score like Michael Jordan used to do in basketball, he earned his sentence. A white defendant who has a similar criminal history will most assuredly receive a guideline sentence. So, are we creating sacred cows in our criminal justice system who must receive lower sentences because of their race?

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