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11 comments on “WATCH: Officers On Foot Confront Suspect In Truck Before Gunfight Erupts And One Officer Goes Down”

  1. Another ILLEGAL causing HARM in America, when he should NOT even be here !!!!!
    Demonrats prefer illegal aliens over Americans, if they didn't they would CLOSE THE BORDERS !!!!!! THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY CRIME COMMITTED BY THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS !!!!!!
    LET'S GO BRANDON !!!!!

  2. I have been banned from Twitter (not that is matters cause I seldom us the thing) because I answered someone's question as to how best control illegals coming across the southern border by saying......'its simple.....shoot em all before they across over'. I refused to delete ii & they claim I am trying to incite violence. That action sure would have prevented these types of tragedies from happening!!

      1. I have always said Twitter is for Twits ! I refuse to use their site for anything . Many of my friends who did use it told me to many horror stories about censorship and suspensions for simply having an alternate opinion

  3. Any illegal alien that commits a crime using a weapon needs to be shot on site ! No need to arrest the SOB just eliminate the scum from the living on Earth !

  4. I worked the border from 1976 to 1986. Law and order prevailed...No illegals came through the port without documents because they knew we would point to the Mexican gate heading south, so they didn't bother to come in that way. The Border Patrol would also apprehend, give food and water etc. and then bus them to the border intl bridges and point south....and then the American voter kept putting in office buffoons and you have what you have today. perhaps people should remember what primaries are for.....where new, talented, competent people run for office but you have to do your homework to figure out which one in the primaries you want to govern Today two million were allowed in so far no papers provided. No passport No medical clearance No police clearance...Hope voters are happy with their selections

    1. I have thought the Boarder Patrol should be another branch of the military with all the benefits. But may be changing my thoughts on that.

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