Biden Warns Putin Of "Consequences" If Russian Troops Invade Ukraine

 December 4, 2021

In a feeble attempt at intimidating Vladimir Putin, Biden warns that it would be very, VERY bad if Russia takes military action in Ukraine. Biden stated that it would be a "grave mistake" and there would be "consequences."

So what could these consequences possibly be? Economic sanctions, diplomatic isolation, and support for the Ukrainian military are all on the table. However, Putin is unlikely to back down in the face of Biden's threats. He has already shown that he is willing to risk international condemnation and economic sanctions.

Only time will tell if Biden's warning was enough to discourage Putin from invading Ukraine. However, it is doubtful that anything Biden says will dissuade the Russian president from his course of action.

Watch Biden's discuss Russian aggression below and let us know what you think.

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33 comments on “Biden Warns Putin Of "Consequences" If Russian Troops Invade Ukraine”

    1. Putin isn't worried about globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and the orders globalists give to their puppet chester biden .

  1. Biden is such a weak President, that I doubt if Putin fears him.
    I think that the Ukraine is going to be absorbed by Russia.

    1. globalist puppet chester biden and all the globalist puppets globalist voter fraud appointed under him are weak .

  2. Russia thinks of Biden like the rest of us, a empty suit. Biden is the Socialist loving China supporter who needs his meds, change his diaper and put to bed.

    1. Does globalist puppet chester biden need his meds, change his diaper and put to bed before libby snow flake sheep sacrifice their daughters to him or after libby snow flake sheep sacrifice their daughters to him. . . . .

  3. Well i bet Putin is about as scared of that threat as he was about obambos red line which i dont think he even saw OO yea that fixed everything HAHA

    1. globalist pupppet, chester biden should be worried about his criminal son and his white lines on the mirror .

  4. Old Sleepy Joe should send his ambassador, Hunter, over, with a gazillion rubles to payoff Putin. That is the way the Biden Crime Family operates. Diplomacy............nah, not so much.

    1. It's like the class pussy, telling the class bully "you better not do it" .
      Mommy Mommy, that bully didn't listen to me, WAAAAAA.

      Sorry, I couldn't help myself. lol.

    2. Does Putin laugh harder at globalist puppet chester biden or at globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep . . . . .

    1. globalist puppet chester biden will share his libby snow flake daughters with globalist puppet cuomo for xmas .

  5. I frankly don't care too much about Ukraine. It was, after all, a founding member of the U.S.S.R., and while I sympathize with its desire to maintain its current status, my sympathy doesn't extend to becoming involved in some way.

    As for the Crimea, Russia has possessed it for hundreds of years (retaining it even after losing the Crimean War) and needs the warm water access it provides. Khrushchev ceded control of it to Ukraine (he was a Ukranian), but at the time it was rather as if the U.S. federal government had given control of a national park to the state in which it was located: it remained a part of a national federation.

  6. Putin should be careful. No one makes meaner faces than Joe Biden, and if that's not enough, he'll make him sit and listen to some stories.

  7. The usual bully camp, places a chip on his sholdeder and say knock that off, the opponent knocks it off and he put it on the other shoulder and sat the same opponent does the same the Bully Bidden turns and runs pissing his depends.

    1. Yes I do. Very Very much. At least he did more than cringe, or blame someone else when there was a problem or something happened. Right or wrong, at least HE DID SOMETHING or tried to. Even with the DemocRATS climbing all over him, and clawing at him every second, he still managed to get something good done for this country.

  8. I'm sure any threat from dopey Joe has Putin shaking in his boots, HAHA. Putin, Xi and the rest of the world's dictators are laughing at the USA because we have a bumbling fool in the WH!!

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