WATCH: Sacramento Police Officer Hit In Bizarre Gunfight

 December 16, 2021

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17 comments on “WATCH: Sacramento Police Officer Hit In Bizarre Gunfight”

  1. Damn, what was the ending ???
    I hope they shot the SOB dead and saved TIME & MONEY !!!!!! I pray that the officer makes a full recovery, please next give more info. Inquiring minds need to know !!!!!!!!

  2. Don't wanna second guess, but I thing a carbine woulda been the weapon of choise here! Stand off distance and accuracy!!

    1. Police don't regularly carry them. More often the have shotguns locked in their front seat area. Some carry ARs or M-16s in the trunk.

  3. Yes, how did it end. I think the officers need some good target practice. Glad no one was killed. Still wondering how shooter is still kicking. WOW.

  4. Well it's California in they have allowed the thugs to do as they please and ignore their crimes and they are suffering from their own ignorance. In its amazing to see it's happening in this area of Nancy Pelosi area after she talked about the gun violence in her area. The real shame is she behind the shotting in her district that should be the real question to be asked today. In yet Ignorance is Bliss in America Today just seen it.

  5. Biden & Democrats America. I hope the officers are all ok arnt we all getting sick of this yet ! Stay safe all officers Thank you all for your service . Screw the Democrats we need to restore law and order back to America. Start by voting out all Democrats who welcome this shit !

  6. Cops go into the line of fire to protect the public, making them heroes in my mind. Do keyboard warriors have similar balls of steel?

  7. Was this individual high or? Police officer shot...pick him up, throw him in jail and the judge punish him harshly...part of what is wrong with our country is too many get away with anything ...despicable.

  8. California..........he shot a cop. the idiot prosecutors will release him immediately and pay the thug a rewards for shooting a policeman. You libs get exactly what you deserve in the Land of fruits and NUTS.

  9. How did this end? Shooter taken down or what? First officer had a perfect shot at him on stairs facing him. He should have gone down. Readers are left hanging on this one.

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