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5 comments on “WATCH: SR71 Disintegrates At 78,000 Feet, Pilot Horrified As He Falls Towards Earth”

  1. I believe the incident, as I recall occurred over Texas when the SR71, perhaps the most advanced and fastest airbreathing aircraft at the time had suffered a sudden catastrophic engine failure at high speed at high altitude. The plane must have been pushed sideways or yaw causing the plane to suffer structural failure while well above supersonic speeds. Down below just above his ranch a farmer/rancher was flying in his old Bell 47 helicopter as he glanced skyward and noticed something high in the sky. ( The Bell 47 is the one that you see in the show MASH and flew in the Korean War.) I can't recall all the facts, but I would assume the aircraft exploded and caught his eye. He headed to that direction, soon observing two parachutes. Landing ahead. He raced to their aid and landed by the chute of the pilot who was standing dazed. He assisted the pilot into his helicopter as they raced to the other chute where the back seater was found unresponsive. He too was loaded into the helicopter. The rancher raced his helicopter to the nearest town with a medical clinic. The helicopter shook as it was near it's maximum speed, where retreating blade stall would occur. In the end the SR71 backseater, had suffered a broken neck, as I recall, and had passed away. Later, the SR 71 pilot reported that the most frightening ride that he ever had in any aircraft was that ride with that rancher in his old shaky Bell 47 helicopter!

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