Heroic Jail Nurse Awarded For Saving Officers From Violent Inmate

hero Nurse Boswell

Everyone expects Law Enforcement Officers to wade into brawls to subdue violence. Nurses however, typically try to avoid the melee except to render aid.

An N.C. nurse has been awarded for her heroic actions which likely saved the lives of the Officers involved. She also prevented the escape of a violent criminal.

It all started when the inmate slammed a Correctional Officers head into a concrete wall before shoving her into a cell and locking it. He then turned on the only other Officer nearby, beating him with a plastic bin before attempting to flee the facility.

Jail Nurse Boswell intervened without hesitation before rendering aid to the injured officers.

It is unclear at this time exactly what she did, though it is implied that she incapacitated the inmate completely.

In a time where working in jails and prisons is becoming more and more dangerous, we salute the Correctional Officers and Staff for their steadfast resolve in keeping dangerous criminals off the street.

Let us know what you think of Nurse Boswell’s heroic actions in the comments below!



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