Heroic Jail Nurse Awarded For Saving Officers From Violent Inmate

Last updated June 29, 2023

Everyone expects Law Enforcement Officers to wade into brawls to subdue violence. Nurses however, typically try to avoid the melee except to render aid.

An N.C. nurse has been awarded for her heroic actions which likely saved the lives of the Officers involved. She also prevented the escape of a violent criminal.

It all started when the inmate slammed a Correctional Officers head into a concrete wall before shoving her into a cell and locking it. He then turned on the only other Officer nearby, beating him with a plastic bin before attempting to flee the facility.

Jail Nurse Boswell intervened without hesitation before rendering aid to the injured officers.

It is unclear at this time exactly what she did, though it is implied that she incapacitated the inmate completely.

In a time where working in jails and prisons is becoming more and more dangerous, we salute the Correctional Officers and Staff for their steadfast resolve in keeping dangerous criminals off the street.

Let us know what you think of Nurse Boswell's heroic actions in the comments below!

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32 comments on “Heroic Jail Nurse Awarded For Saving Officers From Violent Inmate”

    1. Google is after us imagine that. Censoring the truth . It time to take these sites that censor and run over the top of them with a bulldozer .

  1. Give that nurse a metal, She for sure deserves one. as far as the criminal goes put a needle in him and remove him from the face of the earth, because you know what is coming next the democrats will say he needs to be released.

    1. I am in full and complete agreement with you because God's Holy Laws and God's Holy Word agrees with you.

      Exodus 20:13 Thou shalt not murder.

      Exodus 21:12 He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death.

  2. Kudos to the Nurse for knowing what to do. give her a badge and a Raise.
    SO many police are unfit to be police, Many are small to Slight frame build and have Zero Muscle, Most have NEVER been a Fight nor they know how to defend themselves or anyone else without the gun. I see so many Videos of Police use stupid tactics to take down someone when they coudl easily render the Perp useless if they had some Strength and Fighting smarts.

  3. Another great example of front line workers like her stepping up to the plate
    and protecting others. She needs a medal and bonus or raise her extra efforts. Love 💕 to all front line hero’s who are out there protecting Americans.
    Joe Biden and his cronies could learn something from her actions. Maybe the RCMP could also learn about being hero’s and not abuse or incite protestors

    1. I agree.
      Joe Biden acting like wicked evil Adolph Hitler, on August 8th when he verbally incited violence against innocent unarmed Trump supporters and MAGA people, by telling Americans, "You must confront and kill MAGA supporters wherever you find them." By saying this, he caused a WOKE person to commit a hit and run of an 18 year old with his car and murdered him in First Degree Capitol Murder. Joe Biden made it quite clear that he HATES the United States of America when he said that. Joe Biden also made it quite clear that he will knowingly, willingly, and deliberately commit known acts of Treason against the United States of America whenever he feels like it. NO ONE IS SAFE in Joe Biden’s illegal illegitimate cheater government.

  4. God bless her and what courage. Biden and all of the other junk yard dogs, take note of a real hero and someone with guts to stand up to that piece of shit prisoner.

    1. I worked for 23 yrs. as a firefighter and Emergency medical technician. Trust me when I tell you that there are some horrible people and horrible time we all had to face. If we had an irate patient we would call law enforcement to us and they would come. That was great but many times we would take control before they got to us. We would force them onto the gurney and tie their arms and feet with gauze and secure their heads done on a pillow and tape them with medical tape. So much of the time it was the only way we could keep that patient from hurting himself further and it kept us safe as well. When these things began to happen more frequently, our chief wound bring in law firms in to teach us safety first. This made our jobs so much easier. So thank you to the nurse who stepped up to the plate and made it safe for she and the coworkers. She should be commended at the highest level. People who don’t work these types of jobs don’t have a clue about the dangers we face when experiencing to make a basic call that turns into a nightmare before you. The public need to be made aware of the safety issues we face just trying to do our jobs and help people.

  5. Now it’s up to the Courts, charge this POS with Felony Attempted Escape, Assault, Kidnapping, Detention of the Nurse & more. MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF HIM, SEND HIM TO PRISON FOR 20+ YEARS WITHOUT THE CHANCE OF PAROLE. This behavior against Law Enforcement by the Liberals & Socialist must be STOPPED NOW !

  6. Nurse Boswell deserves to be honored for doing the right thing in that she incapacitated the inmate completely and saved the officers lives.

  7. Anybody in one form of medicine would know all the vulnerable spots on a human body and can bring most anybody down and be lethal to their opponent.

  8. Brilliant and courageous woman. Being confronted by a violent and dangerous criminal bent on killing her co-workers , she didn’t hesitate in defending all those being threatened with death at his hands. How she succeeded is nothing short of miraculous.

  9. Them nurses just don't take care of u,they save your life. That's why they should be paid more,and appreciated for the dam hard work they do, all the time.Pay them their worth.$$$$$$$$$$$$

  10. What ever this courageous woman did, it took down the violent criminal. Bravo to this brave one for her expedient thinking and action.

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