Police Officer Struck By Gunfire, Partner Returns Fire And Renders Aid

Domestic disturbance calls are often full of hostility, with the reporting party being scared for their lives, while the other party continues their hostility or acts like nothing is going on.

Officers try to diffuse the situation and find a resolution. Instead of bringing a resolution to the call, two Arkansas officers found themselves under fire.

Domestic Disturbance Call

Two Prairie Grove Police Department officers along with two Farmington Police Department went to a home on Thurman Street in response to a domestic disturbance call on May 4th. According to PGPD Chief Chris Workman, they tried to go into one of the bedrooms and quickly came under gunfire.

The suspect was wielding a handgun and a shotgun. Officer Thomas Franks was hit by the gunman's bullets three times in the upper legs and pelvic area.

According to the department's press release, Officer Andrew Gibson fired back at the gunman. He shot about four rounds.


Nickolas Colbert, 42, pulled back into the bedroom. Gibson worked to pull Franks from the home and began rendering first aid, applying two tourniquets.

Workman said, "This immediate action is credited with saving Officer Tyler Frank's life." Franks was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center, where he had multiple surgeries that evening.

"He is currently in ICU and reported to be in stable condition," said Chief Workman.

The shooter, Colbert, was caught by the Emergency Response Team at 9:45 p.m. Colbert was taken to the Washington Regional Medical Center for surgery as well. He also is in stable condition.

Long recovery

Per department policy, Gibson is on paid administrative leave since it was an officer-involved shooting. The Washington County Sheriff's Office is heading the investigation.

Workman stated during a press conference that Frank's family is "hopeful" that he will make a full recovery.

“Though it looks like it will be a pretty tough road ahead. We believe he will overcome this, and he will be back at it. We would like to thank all surrounding agencies for their response, cooperation, and professionalism. We are truly blessed by the support we are receiving."

Chief Chris Workman

Protecting Each Other

While officers have a sworn duty to protect the public, they also have a duty to protect one another. If Officer Gibson did not move as quickly as he did and employ his first aid training, Officer Franks might not still be with us.

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