Supreme Court Rules Against FDNY First Responders, Nearly 40 Lose Their Jobs

It's no secret that cities around the country are struggling more than ever to recruit and retain first responders. This is terrifying... what happens when there's no one to answer the call?

With this in mind, many of these large cities are taking a hard line on first responders and the COVID vaccine: no jab, no job.

For example, FDNY fired 36 EMS workers for refusing the vaccine. The excuse? Read it for yourself:

“It’s not about termination. It’s about vaccination,... We want people to be vaccinated. I don’t want to see the city close down again. And all we can do is continue to encourage people to get vaccinated and hopefully people get the booster shot.”

- Eric Adams, New York Mayor

Many of the employees slated for termination filed a lawsuit for religious exemption. Unfortunately, supreme court judge Sotomayor struck down the suit.

These 36 are likely the first of many. Last month it was estimated that nearly 4,000 city employees had been sent termination notices for holding out.

We can only hope that city leaders will come to their senses soon. We need to support our First Responders because if they aren't able to answer the call, who will?

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