Supreme Court Rules Against FDNY First Responders, Nearly 40 Lose Their Jobs

 February 14, 2022

It's no secret that cities around the country are struggling more than ever to recruit and retain first responders. This is terrifying... what happens when there's no one to answer the call?

With this in mind, many of these large cities are taking a hard line on first responders and the COVID vaccine: no jab, no job.

For example, FDNY fired 36 EMS workers for refusing the vaccine. The excuse? Read it for yourself:

“It’s not about termination. It’s about vaccination,... We want people to be vaccinated. I don’t want to see the city close down again. And all we can do is continue to encourage people to get vaccinated and hopefully people get the booster shot.”

- Eric Adams, New York Mayor

Many of the employees slated for termination filed a lawsuit for religious exemption. Unfortunately, supreme court judge Sotomayor struck down the suit.

These 36 are likely the first of many. Last month it was estimated that nearly 4,000 city employees had been sent termination notices for holding out.

We can only hope that city leaders will come to their senses soon. We need to support our First Responders because if they aren't able to answer the call, who will?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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77 comments on “Supreme Court Rules Against FDNY First Responders, Nearly 40 Lose Their Jobs”

    1. like the crowds of Dr martin L king, it is time for patriots to march on DC in the millilons to take back their country

      1. She's a proponent of the NWO!!! She has no business being a Sc Judge. She health broken her oath of office numerous times since she's been sitting the bench!!

    2. Need a different mayor in New York ASAP!! He doesn't have the people's interests in mind, just his own. RECALL OR IMPEACH ERIC ADAMS!!

    3. But if the jurist is a liberal, socialist, progressive, leftist democratic leaning individual that does not hold true as evidenced by Sotamayor’s ruling in this case.

  1. the people hold the power , they should strike hows NYC going to work with no fire department or emts. this do as we say or loose your job , isn't the right way to get things done

    1. I’m from NJ and a retired cop. In NJ it’s against the law , as cops , to strike. And if you walk off the job it’s considered a voluntary resignation.

      1. Unfortunately you are correct about striking and walking off the job. If you walk off the job, the unions won't help you. But if you get unjustly fired they will. On the flip side, the contracts provide a number of "sick-days" allowed.
        I hate it for the general population, but all the Police and EMT and Fire Department personnel
        need to call in sick for two days. I know that this goes against their nature, to not be there for a cry for help, because they took the job "to help, serve and protect" . But they have to help and protect themselves, in order to be able to help and protect others. Hence, the two day Blue-Flu.
        Politicians are the only animals who REFUSE TO SEE that it is not safe to procced . A major wake-up call is needed.

        1. Part of the problems are the unions they fall-in line with everything liberal, progressive, leftist, progressive democratic politicians and organizations tell them is good like blind mice, instead of considering the actual long term effects on them selves and their nation !

          1. same thing with all these electric vehicles. one of those retired Prius batteries is a LOT worse than 20 coal coughing big rigs, despite what they try to sell us. unfortunately the human mind is EASILY manipulated, and they've got that down to a science.

      2. Typical of states that are ran by liberal, socialist, progressive, leftist democratic politicians with the ignorant citizens permission.

    1. since ONCE AGAIN the Supreme Court has legislated rather than interpret, and NOW it is time for the Congress to legislate things back to normal

      1. But can we really expect the seditionist socialist Democrats in the House and Senate along with a senile controlled puppet as President to bring back normality; an exegetically interpreted Constitution?

      2. The problem is that our citizens elect liberal, socialist, progressive, leftist democratic political individuals to positions of power and influence who essentially work to negate the rights of we who elect them have in their pursuit of power and influence plus monetary rewards!

  2. I think the correct term here is shit for brains. They don't want to close down and it's hard to get good first responders, so fire the good ones because for whatever reason, they won't take the jab. Well, when no one answers the emergency calls, let's see what they do next. Of course if they took away the immunity for the drug companies so they could be sued for death and ill effects, then maybe more people would trust and take the jab. And I do mean that as a maybe.

  3. Be shame if any in NYC government need emergency services in a life or death situation and NO ONE ANSWERS THE CALL OF A SCUM BAG HYPOCRITE.

  4. Did anyone expect anything different from Sotomayor? This country is no longer obedient to the rule of law. It’s either republican(conservative) or radical communists democrats. It’s disgusting what’s going on! I pray somehow this will be changed. We are getting worse and worse everyday. Please vote these people out come November. I was a Democrat and I refuse to vote for any democrat. They are destroying my country.

    1. i am delighted to see the republicans have many veterans running for congress; they have integrity more so than those in congress. How come Schumer, Waters and Pelosi have not had to face the ethics committees? Fellow citizens, to be a true patriot one must be a GOP member that has been proven to us by the actions of Pelosi and her gang and Biden as well

  5. Stay strong and committed to standing your ground. This is only the beginning of the erosion of your rights as an America.

    1. It is not the beginning. The erosion has been going on covertly since 1972. We are just starting to realize what we have and are loosing. There are uncovered secret fed. programs & documents proving it.
      Science has shown that if you put a frog in a pot of water and very slowly increase the temperature a little at a time. That frog will stay in that pot, till it boils to death, just accepting the temperature change till it reaches the point that the frog CAN'T do anything about it. Like trying to get out.
      How does it feel to be a live science experiment? WE NEED TO ACT WHILE WE S T I L L CAN.
      Ribit ribit

    1. What Venetians did we have in Afghanistan? 😉

      I assume you mean American citizens and those Afghans who worked for the US government.

  6. We live in a Republic where FREEDOM rules. All of the brain-dead people that don't know that need to read the Constitution (including those that THINK THEY KNOW WHAT IS IN IT) and leave those people alone who are exercising their freedoms. It is not the responders who need correcting, it is the left-wing nuts who are trying to force their beliefs on every freedom-loving American who is standing up for their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    1. Do we really live in a democratic (VERY small d) REPUBLIC with an exegetically interpreted Constitution and a free market capitalist economy with true Contract Law? Which of the Ten Amendments in the Bill of Rights is still intact? Could it only be the Third - so far? What is left of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. the Enumerated Powers? Do the States (legislatures) have any representation in the federal government?

      I'm concerned that the Light on a Hill, the Beacon of Hope, the Great American Experiment is moribund. As you rightly imply, we must stand up for the Constitution as written and as Jefferson said, bind the federal behemoth with the chains (VERY heavy) of the Constitution. That means dusting off the Declaration if necessary and taking it to heart with a vengeance, maybe even watering the Tree of Liberty.


      1. This is an absolute disgrace. They are firing some of the hardest workers in the city while immigrants are coming over the border in droves and none have to be vaccinated

  7. We are loosing people that we need because of the stupidly of people in higher position's that forget what this country was built on. 🇺🇸

    1. it's intentional. they aren't incompetent. they are destroying our country knowingly, that's the worst part, it's not like they don't know what they are doing. they spend a LOT of money every single day to spread the "oh nooo we made a mistake, because were just SOME OF THE MOST POWERFUL HUMANS ON EARTH, and have no idea what we are doing, everyone makes mistakes, here have a 3 cent per hour raise and 12% higher taxes for your misfortune, trust us, well make it okay, we prooomiiisssseeeee" message on all main forms of information seen daily. (except by those who are actually out there working and don't have time for such rubbish.)

  8. If NY citizens lose their lives due to being stupid sheep and putting arholes in judge positions, their survivors need not leave the state! But 1st responders are welcome here unvacced or vacced.

    1. so the congress can undo it all with legislation exempting appropriate workers from any actions taken against them. Congress can grant immunity

  9. Can EMS workers, police, firefighters, etc. who don't want the vaccine continue to work everywhere EXCEPT they don't answer calls for help from City Hall?

  10. This just shows how insane the left is. They are willing to lose emergency response people to the vaccine madness. I wonder if New Yorkers will ever get smart and vote the idiots out of office.

  11. Politicians are more important and not required to get the vax. I think they should get
    the "Vaccine" before anybody. First Responders are more IMPORTANT, and have a better reason not to!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Well that makes sense. Can't find enough workers so let's just fire the one's on the job already for your bullshit agenda.

    1. Sadly we are caught up in the so-called Golden Rule. Not the one that says "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you". But the power elite golden rule. "He who has the gold, makes the rules".
      Do as I say. Not as I do. Politics is not allowed on the Supreme Court. BUT IT BOUGHT IT'S WAY IN. The elites reap the benefits, and the rest of us suffer the fallout.

  13. I fear they really don't realize the damage they are causing with their decision. I don't believe they checked out all of the complications from getting these. 😔

  14. Not surprising , Sotomayer still has no clue of civil rights or covid misinformation. Our rights to no bigotry in the work place has been thrown away.

  15. Put the blame where it's roots are established ! i.e. " A people that elect corrupt politicians , imposters , thieves , and traitors are not victims, but accomplices " .....quote George Orwell

  16. We know now that Fauci and the Medical Industrial Complex tyrannically obstructed early treatment of covid with effective, inexpensive well-documented therapies and implemented their patented use of toxic, expensive $3,000 per dose Remdesivir (rejected by WHO for false testing) when covid was too advanced to save lives. Deaths were blamed on covid and not on Remdesivir. Factual history will validate those who refused the Vaccines and billion$ greed of big pharma and Fauci protected by the government, media, big tech and generously-bribed research facilities. Factual history will recognize the strength of natural immunity.

  17. If it worked for more than 6 months. And we don't even know all the side effects. Big pharma cannot be trusted.

  18. Amazing that when it comes to abortion it's "my body, my choice", but when it comes to the "vax", the "jab", that's not an option.

  19. So, if the Mayor's house catches on fire or if a thug is breaking into his house, who's going to help him, there may not be enough staff to respond ?????????? This is totally absurd. It's our Constitutional right to not get vaccinated!!!!

  20. Our whole country is being held hostage to the "covid crisis" in one way or another! It needs to STOP! How in the world can we get to the so-called leaders in our nation, states, counties, and cities and tell them enough is enough?

  21. They don't remember as to what happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota with defunding of the Police Dept. Losing what, 75% of their Officers.

  22. The Mayor of New York should be ashamed of himself that he would value political connections over the welfare of the citizens of his very very large city. Citizens have you guys ever considered how many of you there are and you allow communism to take over your city without a struggle. It is sad to think that you cannot find enough good will and love for your families and friends that you can not see that the day has come for all good people to stand. I watched California so long and worried for their people. I spoke to them for 2 years...Look at them now. Maybe not enough people cared. I just know you have loving people and people that care. I have known some. Tough on the outside, gold inside. So get out of yourself and realize right now you are all ONE!

  23. This ruling is positive proof that liberal, socialist, progressive, leftist democratic leaning people in positions of power and influence are intent on totally negating anything our constitution says that ensures freedom of choice, this is how they manage to eventually turn a nation into a socialist country where no one has any freedoms that are not granted by those in positions of power!!!

  24. Its time to open a can of WIPASS on these idiots who are trying to force us to take the shot that KILLS people ! Pfizer made billions, And pfizer killed millions I lost Manny friends who die from the Shot !

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