Repeat Felon On Parole Shoots Rookie Police Officer

Last updated: March 7, 2022

A rookie Police Officer is in critical condition, his wife asking "why and how", while a community and department reels in shock because a violent felon was not kept behind bars.

“Here again was an opportunity for the system to intervene, do the violation for the parole violation on the serious violent offender and hold person in custody, but instead because they were cycled through that revolving door on a low cash bond, now here we sit,”

Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

It all started when Indianapolis Police responded to a vehicle accident. On arrival, the driver of the crashed car took off running while two Officers gave pursuit.

The suspect ran into an alley and turned to open fire as the Officers entered the narrow walkway. One of the Officers, a rookie in training, was struck by the gunfire.

The Officers returned fire, striking the suspect who managed to flee on foot. He was later located and transported to the hospital in critical condition.

The injured Officer is expected to live, but with severe ongoing health issues due to damage in his neck.

The question is "why"? Why was a repeat offender, convicted violent felon allowed on the street? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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36 comments on “Repeat Felon On Parole Shoots Rookie Police Officer”

    1. It seems like the dems have been using some whacky weed or taking stupid pills. I hope this coming election they all are replaced. Only way I see Biden can be put in hold until he is voted out.

  1. Voters and media that does not respect the truth, nor will they spread the truth. Their interests have been bought and paid for. Can anyone find any reason to prop up the idiots that have power now? Now is the operative word.

    1. Exactly da's make plea deals which are totally wrong you murder for no reason you die someone robs or steals from you is not a reason to.murder

  2. Why? Maybe because most of the pos scumbag politicians & community 'leaders' are no better than the pos scumbags they are letting out of prison. All the sheeple following CRT, being 'woke', coming up with new genders every other week is nothing but BS to destroy the U. S. driven by bigger pos scumbags with entirely too much $ & time on their hands.

    1. The part that is aggravating is they are only Twelve (12) percent of the American population.
      That being said, everyone should be treated equally. Period

  3. If there were legislation that The people who were responsible for the parole of the repeat offenders were considered as an accessory to the crimes things would change. More violent criminals would serve their complete sentences.

  4. God help us to go from a lawless society to a law abiding one. We need our police, but we also need to keep the criminals behind bars.

  5. Anyone who murders or attempts to murder a police officer should forfeit their lives! Immediately, no lengthy appeals or claims “I WAS ABUSED” or my disadvantaged childhood. You do the crime you pay the consequence!


  6. The Bible clearly states you must kill the evil ones to protect the innocent. It is time for Gods justice to prevail once again. Perhaps if Judges were also charged with the crimes the offenders commit we would see the wheels of justice once again doing their job.

  7. I know why this low life was released, what I don't know is why he was sent to a Hospital, he should have died on the spot.

  8. Why are there no protest marches in the towns and cities to protest this shooting? Could it be that the protests are only one-way? BLUE LIVES MATTER !!!! Maybe the police should keep a list of all those that want to defund the police and not respond to any calls from them

  9. The liberal progressive democrats! I hope everyone is opening their eyes. They no longer represent the working class.

  10. Any judge that releases a violent repeat offender needs to resign. Immediately. That judge is just as guilty as the shooter!

  11. If I were the officer, I would see if it was possible to sue the people responsible for releasing this POS back into the community !!!!!! If we start holding people responsible it could/should make a difference !!!! Praying for a quick and full recovery for the officer !!! For the suspect may he suffer immensely, a severe life threatening infection or worse !!!!!

  12. If one considers the socialists' Cloward-Piven and Alinsky plans one con see the idea is to first terrorize the populace by creating social breakdowns and the when the people cry for safety rather than liberty, the Left will restore order by draconian means, i.e., a socialist tyranny. We need to remember what Franklin wrote.

  13. Why? Because you have idiot libtards, DEMONICrats calling the shots. God is watching, and I wouldn't want His eyes, cast upon me! Demos you are a done deal! 35 already have abandoned the ' happy ' party.
    kamala and biden are notorious for freeing hard criminals! Anything for a vote, right? Just watch what God will do.

  14. I am reminded each and every day of just how serious a job the police have each day.
    A few years ago I lost a very good friend that worked as a detective for the police.
    Violence is never the answer to solve anything. Yet these brave men and woman, risk there own lives and willingly step into harms way to keep us all safe. ( May God bless them all ).
    I had the distinct honer of being his friend for more than 35 years. His passing left me with a
    space in my heart that will never be filled. I know some people will say we should defund the
    police, but that is just plain wrong. They need are support now more than ever.

  15. Until we remove all DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS from office this will continue.
    B.L.M. = "BLUE LIVES MATTER" . Period
    Lets Go Brandon and his entire criminal family, especially Robert Hunter Biden.

  16. This is because of the f-Ing pansy-ass liberal trash that are so worried about the rare possibility that these scumbag criminals could be corrected to be productive and outstanding citizens. Let’s put them in houses where all of these self-righteous scumbags live and just watch how fast shit gets changed.

  17. Because useless noncaring Da's keep doing plea deals lowbails etc plea deals need to stop you havemurders across thiscounty getting less time than some people without causing several wrecks the real bad guys get out hold criminals accountable your sentence is 15 they have to do 15 years no early out because he was agood prisoner

  18. maybe it's time to rethink laws passed in 'haste' to pacify a criminal element in our country?? How bout ''obey the law and you won't ''get'' shot at by a cop??? how'd that be?? pull a gun on a cop and spend ten years in jail? how'd that be? i'm waitin????

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