US Army General Exempts Troops From DoD COVID Vaccine Mandate

 November 20, 2021

With the Defense Department mandating that all troops get the COVID-19 vaccine, one adjutant general for the Oklahoma National Guard is not playing along. Army Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino exempted guardsmen who refused the vaccine from being punished.

Military Mandates

Mancino issued the memo the day after he was appointed to his position by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. Task & Purpose reported that the Governor himself ordered Mancino to issue the exemption, according to spokesman Charlie Hannema.

Hannema said the National Guard does fall under the Governor's purview unless they are needed for a federal mission under Title 32 of the U.S. Code. "It is the governor's position that as commander-in-chief, he is the one with the authority to enforce policies while on state duty," said Hannema.

Stitt sent Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin a letter requesting that the guardsmen be exempt from the order. Even though the guard reports to Stitt, they have to follow federal rules to train, go to schools, and deploy.

The Pentagon maintains that getting vaccinated is the right thing to do, but in a briefing, Kirby was annoyed that a reporter asked if the Defense Department had the authority to enforce a mandate on guardsmen under state orders.

While Kirby believes that the guard "must meet medical readiness requirements established by the secretary of defense," the law may very well be on the guard's side since they are working for Oklahoma's governor. Moreover, since the National Guard voluntarily serves, they should get the choice to take the vaccine or not.

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37 comments on “US Army General Exempts Troops From DoD COVID Vaccine Mandate”

  1. as evidenced by waning numbers of infection/death, the plan by a righteous president would be to remove his mandate before it gets tossed out by 6th circuit judges in all cases {?16} that were grouped together. this is his duty as president - to represent all legal citizen's....very few are behind the current [tho fake] elected president and his resolute stand, in all manners of government, should be shot down, as his damage gets larger and larger by the minute, it seems.

    1. Has anyone noticed that there seems to be NO COVERAGE or OFFICIAL REPORTS released about the possible and real side-effects of this vaccine ? We hear from the people on the street about all kinds of adverse effects after getting the shots. But from the Government who is PUSHING & MANDATING & FORCING this so-called wonder vaccine, ALL WE HEAR IS (CRICKETS) because they are being silent about what happens AFTER the shot.

        1. That is because the Spike Proteins attack your immune system...there is a reason they are calling it the kill shot.

  2. The man that said the Pentagon has the right to override the Governor is lying and knows it. His eyes give him away. He opens them too far! The side effects are not thoroughly reported! This is darned near more dangerous than war!

    1. You got that right.
      REMEMBER D.D.T. & AGENT ORANGE ? They were approved & OK'd by the government as being safe to use. We all know how that worked out. Great for them, (more power, more money) not so good us, (cancer, poison crops, birth-defects, ect).
      To this day they are still denying the health problems of those who were exposed to either one of those
      " S A F E " products.
      I feel that there is a much deeper agenda going on with this so-called vaccine that is being FORCED on the public.
      In my opinion. the government is getting dangerously close to being in the RABID DOG scenario.
      I for one am not going to go out there & hug or love on this DERANGED BEAST. Their diseased minds are so far gone, that they think & believe, that WE actually WANT what they are trying to do to us.
      We all, or at least most of us, know what to do with & about a RABID animal. They are to caged or put down.

  3. HOORAY ! Finally a leader with some balls to stand up to this CABAL !UNITED STATES of AMERICA is making the same mistake that was done in Nuremberg , Germany !!! Not NO ONE should EVER be FORCED to inject ANYTHING into their body ! ESPECIALLY SOME EMERGENCY / EXPERIMENTAL JAB made from aborted fetus's Who really knows what is in that shit ? I've read all kinds of horror stories of what is the truth behind this already FAILED DRUG !!!

    1. one item in the jab is graphine oxide which is huge doses of lead, which in time will slowly disintegrate your brain.

  4. Any person who is of an age, or younger, to be likely to produce and have children, getting the vaccine should be regarded as a personal choice and it should not forced upon them The vaccine is untested and unproven. We should never risk passing what could be serious consequences on to successive generations.


  6. I believe that the right to choose to get this particular vaccine should remain with the individual. My body my choice.

    1. The governments push to force this vaccine on everyone nullifies the argument "My body, my choice!" regarding abortion.

  7. The soldiers General!! Bless you for looking out for the brave men and women in your command. Here's to you General!!!! SALUTE¡!!!!!!!!

  8. were 4500 marines support you lots more out there we are brothers ?we stand wow more than enough pray you ? we are least 1000 t0 1?

  9. Many thanks to the Governor & to the General. The Governor is standing up for his people & the General is standing up for those under his command. At the 2min 15sec mark on the news video, Kirby is saying that the Guardsman need to get the shot to "be a more ready force". P.R. & power grab BULLSHIT. How can they be a more ready force if they are devastated by side-effects ?

    I finally broke down a got the jab, and now wished I never had. Other than being sick as hell for four days after the shot. I'm dealing with another problem. For almost 6 months now, every major joint (knees, hips, shoulders) in my body is constantly aching, whether I do anything or not. It wasn't that way before the shot. I'm not saying that it was the vaccine, (no proof) but this is not normal for me.

  10. this is what I'm not understanding. they were dead set getting rid of Trump for over using his power what is the difference. is that's what's going on now. mandating the American people, what happened to the constitution which by the way when they are sworn in they are to protect and uphold the constitution. what people don't know once its done and taken away we have know rights to protect we the people. and what about and what about shutting down the pipelines. how does that help we the people. and what about the illegal's free Healthcare and getting money because of the mishaps that was put on them. what about we the people that are upholding the law that are losing there homes people that can't feed there family because they lost there jobs of the mandate We the people. or gas prices going up so high people can't choose to buy gas or pay bill's oh wait I forgot food or what about medication what about we the people our mishaps our needs. People open your eyes yes we are responsible for what we do yes I agree we need to do better and find better ways but to do it all at once that's not the way two wrong don't make it right look at Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi that's the price we pay to go green or look at the cost that is put on we the people. it's putting money in someone's pockets but not we the people. the Bible said many will parish for the lack of knowledge and that we are sheep lead to slaughter. old saying best things in life is worth fighting for you tell me.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro and globalist puppet chester biden appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  11. So for exercising FREE CHOICE ? Those at pentagon who are pushing unconstitutional illegal CCP demands poison vax mandates need to face firing squad for their collective treason. MILLEY FIRST. MILITARY AND CITIZENS MUST UNITE AND ERADICATE PLANET OF CABAL AND DEPOP SCUM. Every country on earth needs to exterminate tyranny.

    1. When the "left" wants socialism and everything for nothing-----the "right" wants freedom and has to pay for everything-----DO YOU THINK WE MIGHT HAVE A PROBLEM????? EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE TAG-----NO FREE LUNCHES-----SOMEONE HAS TO PAY-----the left has "illegal power" right now , it is impossible to find common ground and deal with "illegal" at the same time with reason-----when the s##t is too deep, everyone goes deaf, blind, and stupid------right now things are way beyond that------things are exactly where the CCP, N Korea, Russia, Iran and the"left" wants US---we are "broke", not talking, ripe for civil war-----also ripe to commit suicide!!!!! Any questions??? The real problem is, we all knows all of this already!!!! Our schools indoctrination, in 60 years have managed to kill the worlds last great hope for freedom-----only a miracle will save us now, that and Gods mercy!!!!

  12. Is America starting to wake up? Our country in a short 10 months is in deep doo doo. Our military leaders, our State Department, Department of Justice, FBI, Supreme Court just to show a few examples. If you want to see a fundamentally changed America, one from a Sovereign nation with the constitution as our principle foundation to a Marxist nation then stay silent.

  13. Look, I see it as a toss up. Those who got the shot, some have come down with Covid, Those who do not get the shot some have come down with Covid. Having the freedom to decide what is best for you is the crux of the matter.

  14. I'm with you General Mancini and Gov.Stitt, all volunteer National Guard members can legally make their own decisions.

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