US Army Has Punished Over 3,000 Soldiers For Refusing Vaccine

By Ethan Cole on
 January 15, 2022

While the Army is not yet discharging soldiers for refusing the COVID vaccine, they have issued written reprimands and fired some leaders.

The biggest issue with the military vaccine mandates has been the complete lack of options for servicemembers. Many members were backed into a corner and forced to vaccinate with little or no time to consider and no recourse if they weren't ready.

In fact, many military members were threatened that they would be dishonorably discharged even if they were eligible for retirement or honorable discharge if they did not take the vaccine.

The craziest part of the whole deal is that of the nearly half a million US servicemembers, 80 have died from COVID19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Do these numbers really justify such stringent mandates to get the vaccine, or is something else afoot? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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80 comments on “US Army Has Punished Over 3,000 Soldiers For Refusing Vaccine”

      1. Biden is a vegetable puppet . He is nowhere near Hitler's intelligence level. The people, who are dangerous are those controlling Biden's strings...

    1. That is the government plan. Weaken our military so that we will not be able to defend ourselves against any of our enemies. Especially the ones you already know about.

    2. I feel that is what biden wants. He doesn't want to protect our country or the people from attacks. Biden is just concerned for himself with the walls he built around the white house and his beach house. He is handing us over to China.

  1. Mandate is not a law and not enforceable. But the Military is kissing Biden's butt and not following the UCMJ. The Generals should respect the UCMJ. And Stop trying to be Politically correct.

        1. We have an extremely complex issue here. searching out the requirements and designated authority for the convening of a court martial looks like a start: , How could it be possible that the actions of a superior officer never be called into question? Who could call for a court martial against a subversive-traitorous superior. Could The U.S Marshalls be tasked with the apprehension and detention of such an accused perpetrator. How many conservative civilians could form an APPOINTED body guard cadre for a judge willing to investigate pressing charges.

  2. joe biden should not be impeached. he should be fired with no credit ever again. let him sell his sons paintings

      1. You sure as hell got my vote on that.. But they are fucking democrats, so that wish will never come true.

    1. Joe Biden is doing exactly what is needed to destroy this country as an excuse to shoehorn in authoritarian rule.

    2. PAINTINGS !! - We have an extremely complex issue here. searching out the requirements and designated authority for the convening of a court martial looks like a start: , How could it be possible that the actions of a superior officer never be called into question? Who could call for a court martial against a subversive-traitorous superior. Could The U.S Marshalls be tasked with the apprehension and detention of such an accused perpetrator. How many conservative civilians could form an APPOINTED body guard cadre for a judge willing to investigate pressing charges for a General Court Martial for BIDEN&MILLEY....

  3. its because pedo joe the theif in cheif stupid sons couldnt make it in the service so he will try to punish every one else with a dishonorable discharge

  4. They are going to kill off our military then claim we need UN troops on our soil to help protect the United States of America.

    1. Hadn't thought about that, but that would be about right for these low life sap sucking sorry SOB's !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And, how many have died or been made seriously ill because they took the vaccine? Why is the death rate among people ages 25-64 years old rising, why have some life insurance companies said they will not pay out on policies if people die from having injected an experimental drug into their bodies, and most of all, WHY aren't our government and our lamestream media talking about these issues?

    1. Because the democRATS are in bed with big pharma & the insurance companies. Them and sorry Soros is who is funding the democrats to bring about "One World Government"

    1. Me 2 Great Lakes 1968 was a great "air" jab for all of us going to Bay of Tonkin .Then no needles were used only compressed air.I guess from all those injections l got "herd immunity that has lasted all these years.Thank you USN. I m 73 and
      could care less about mandates. If l survived Nam then lm GOOD!!!!

    This is just another move out of the One World Government playbook. COMPPLY or ELSE. Even the doctors, who swore an oath "to do no harm" are having that sworn oath taken away by the WHIMS of the present government. Who, in my opinion is controlled by the "One World Order" establishment.
    If I were in the military & was dishonorably discharged for NOT taking an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. I would do everything I possibly could, to find a way to sue the U.S. Government. The proof is out there, that the vaccine does NOT PREVENT Covid. It just helps lessen the symptoms, same as a Flu shot. The short-term side-effects of these NEW vaccines are starting show up. But the long-term effects are as yet UNKNOWN. Our military should have FULL CHOICE in this matter.
    My FAMILY & FRIENDS suffering from complications stemming from AGENT ORANGE EXPOSURE did not have a choice, it was done to them or their parents. Then denied after the fact, so they are STILL fighting to get help with what the government DID TO THEM.

        1. So was mine. He is now gone. His two daughters who were born after his exposure to Agent Orange, both have major major medical problems. I remember him telling me about him & others, out on patrol having been ordered to go back to the FOB (forward operating base) to change clothes, because they were wet after a fly-over.
          No one knew the genetic outcome, or cared at the time. Seems that those in power still refuse to admit or care about what they did. And now on a political WHIM, on OUR OWN SOIL.
          History is repeating itself, just in a different form and on a lot larger scale. Instead of being sprayed on, this new GENETIC TIME-BOMB is being INJECTED into the entire population. Weather they want it or not.

      1. I was blessed to bea flat top brown shoe , not on the Forrestal .Agent Orange was a gift from hel.l. l pray for families who had sailors andMarines die of asbetosis and AO in that God forsaken war (54K+) . If that was tested on plants by Monsanto,why wasn't it tested on humans. More and more l realize that war is hell when NO win is achieved with such human sacrifice.

  7. It is plain as day, that no one living in a free country, should be required to be injected with an experimental drug cocktail! No one!

  8. If the military members won't cave in to the communist regime of the demonazis they are removed from service. Only mindless bots can stay.

  9. Who said they died from covid or maybe just tested positive when they died? It's already been found out that they are mixing up these statistics. This is one huge SCAMDEMIC.

    1. No causation mortality data has been compiled from physicians and morticians. Do we demand our Senators and Representatives get this LEGISLATED PRONTO, get with our STATE HEALTH DEPT.....WHATCHA THINK?---THINK ! ! ! ! If Senators and REPRESENTATIVES WILL NOT RESPOND WITH CONCERNED ALACRITY--RECALL THEM FOLKS.

    1. Ya got that right. That is, if there are any of us able to fight, who value our freedom left, after the dems attempt to kill all who oppose them.

  10. The vaccine mandate I believe is Biden’s agenda of whittling down the US Military so that it will be insufficient to help Taiwan when China moves in on it; I believe this is part of Biden and China’s dictator, in their toasting each other with champagne and in their handshake. We Americans are the champagne that they drank. I think Biden likes China’s dictator and is sucking up to him and desires to be a dictator like him. I think this is why he stated that he was getting impatient with Americans because they are not doing as he has commanded to “get vaccinated”, which tells me he is not yet the dictator he wants to be because people are not doing what he has commanded. I believe he no longer loves America as he seems more and more communistic whenever he speaks. I pray for the military members and everyone else as well who is not vaccinated that they stand up to the evil and continue to refuse the vaccine. God bless America.

    1. Knowing what we know today. I wish that he would have been shot out on a tissue, instead of in his mother's womb.

  11. Read "The Real Fauci" by Robert F Kennedy Jr. Learn the shocking truth and prepare to express your" wishes". We cannot allow this takeover to continue against our personal freedom.

  12. I believe this is the most “sin-sick” this
    country has ever experienced!!! And it
    is all on the hands of BIDEN ( I cannot
    refer to him as President) and his immoral cronies!!! What an absolute disgrace to punish Military personnel
    that are willing to lay down their lives
    so we can enjoy the freedom thousands
    have died for in previous wars!!

  13. Biden and Son we're BOUGHT OFF by China to turn America into a Socialist Communist country!.. China is easily takeing over our country completely
    with no fight already.!! We're part of Pi's plan of taking over the world!! There's TOTAL PROOF of Biden selling us off ...most in China Banks.His drug headed Son was selling his rediculous paintings which was just LAUNDERING some of his money. The ONLY THING that will STOP the TOTAL ruin of America is.A COUP....A LEADER AND THE MILITARY...and needs to be done SOON are it will soon be totally UNFIXABLE in THREE MORE YEARS!!..All this whole country is doing is complaining!!

  14. No it doesn't justify what is happening, not to anyone in the military or first responders. We now have a crisis without enough first responders. We can't have that with our military also. It's time the military fights back. Science doesn't make this mandate legal. Amount of deaths per amount in the military doesn't make this mandate legal

    1. You are absolutely right. I don't know exactly what's going on with our government but it seems no one wants to push the fu+k you button to get rid of the morons. I'm in favor of taking over (with force if necessary) . This is communism /socialism and greedy SOBs. I took an oath years ago to abide by the laws of our constitution and the direction of the President. This was the way our government is supposed to run but Joe Biden can't be trusted and has no respect for the people he supposedly was elected to lead and protect. I'm not a spiteful person but this asshole and his administration need to be relieved of command!!!!! MAGA or else !!!!!!!!

      1. A lot of people keep saying, "wait for the elections, wait for the elections". What the hell for? Right now, those in power are doing everything they can to prevent fair and honest elections, or elections period. I know that the Mid-term elections are in a few months, but think about this. Even if there is a party shift in the elections. THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE and POLITICS TURN VERY SLOWLY & CAN GRIND TO A HALT & CAN STOP TURNING IN AN INSTANT.
        All I am saying is. The politicians make the laws & in return, have to resend such laws. Those changes are NOT going to happen the instant there is a party shift.
        WILL THERE BE "A N Y T H I N G" LEFT OF THIS COUNTRY, by the time everybody gets done TALKING ?
        Shaking your finger at a criminal & saying "you can't do that" (talking) DOES NOT WORK. We as a people have to STOP their criminal activity by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. If that means force, then force it is. Save this great country, while there is still a country to save.
        This is MY country, MY rights, MY freedoms. If I go down, I will go down kicking, screaming, biting, clawing, every bit of the way. This country and these freedoms are WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

      2. ” F J B " he was not elected to anything … he was handed our White House on a Platter of FRAUD ! It was Biden himself that bragged about the FRAUD just a few days before the 2020 Election ! Here are his exact words …
        “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
        – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

  15. Joe Biden is following orders from China and that BOY from Kenya. Trump needs to come back to being our president seems how he did win the 2020 election

  16. This country has gone further down under the democRATS than any other time in history. The IDIOTS in DC want the US to become a dictatorship pure and simple. We have no room for such NONSENCE as these dipsticks are trying. It's time for a change and it can come at election time so get out and vote.

  17. Just what happens when our Military members start dropping dead from the damned vaccines ?
    How do we replace them ? The Jackasses in the Pentagon need to stop and think it thru !

  18. If EVERYONE ..EVERYWHERE would just say NO to EVERYTHING ALL TOGETHER that this whole SOCIALIST COMMUNIST Government is telling us to do.....THEY CANT ARREST US ALL!!! Go back to work,open your businesses, start jailing criminals, CLOSE TOTALLY OUR BORDERS before the WHOLE WORLD keeps coming in., etc.etc. THEY CANT ARREST 365 BILLION of us if we STAND UP TOGETHER!!...Defunding Police, and getting rid of Conservatives in our Military is to eventually make them their own SOCIALIST FEDERAL POLICE and FEDERAL MILITARY!! .EVERYONE..EVERYWHERE CAN STOP THIS COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT from continuing to take over..IF WE A L L
    SAY N O TOGETHER!!! START DOING IT EVERYONE.... and SEE the difference it will make SOON!. Trust me..their in total FEAR of us doing this very thing!. Again, THEY CANT ARREST US ALL..365 BILLION OF US!!!!

  19. We have more than enough evidence to support that the experimental vaccine is not safe?. When one of the side effects is death or adverse serious health conditions. Forcing people to have the vaccine or lose their pension or job is reminiscent of Nazi dictatorship?. There is no evidence at all to support that HEALTHY unvaccinated people are a health risk?. This is a serious risk to our nation's security , losing good men and women in our forces, but then communist imposter has shown from day one he and his demonic party are out to destroy our country, don't be woke , be wide awake to what is really happening here??

  20. something else is going on, no different than with Regular Americans.democRAT control; more would die from mRNA vaccine than from the disease itself....soryy, it's not really a vaccine because vaccines STOP the sickness they suppsedly protect you from....

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