WATCH: Officer Involved Shooting Of Ex-Husband Turned Hostage Taker

By Ethan Cole on
 December 31, 2021

Many activists these days are demanding that social workers, not armed Police, be dispatched to domestic disturbance calls. Unfortunately, if they would just look at the numbers, these calls tend to be the most violent and unpredictable calls Officers respond to.

Check out the video below to see exactly what we are talking about, and let us know your thoughts:

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7 comments on “WATCH: Officer Involved Shooting Of Ex-Husband Turned Hostage Taker”

  1. Ashes to ashes dust to dust if you did not take a knife to a gun fight with the police you would still be with us .They walk among us and always they play the victim when the police are the real victim s.

  2. Maybe the Liberals that want to use Social Workers to respond to these Domestic Situations should go on Police Ride-Alongs for a month. Most Domestic Abuse Situations usually involve drugs, alcohol or both & they never end well. This is how most Officers are injured or killed. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE THE FAR-LEFT LIBERALS DESTROY AMERICA.

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