WATCH: Police Officer Attempts To Deescalate Before Husband Lunges To Stab Wife

By Ethan Cole on
 May 25, 2021

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7 comments on “WATCH: Police Officer Attempts To Deescalate Before Husband Lunges To Stab Wife”

  1. The biggest question I have, as a former Police Officer, is: "Why is this (1) Police Officer going into a Domestic situation, without calling for a "Back-up"? Statistics show that more Police Officers are shot, injured or killed on Domestic calls. Particularly knowing how many people are in the home of this situation. Very poor judgement on the Officer's part. If the guy who went past him decides he doesn't like how the Officer is handling the situation, how is the Officer going to be able to deal with a Domestic situation in front of him and then behind him at the same time. He's asking for trouble, before he even begins.

  2. It was frightening for anyone to watch, I think. HOWEVER what made it WORSE was the comentator using foul language. If HE can't control himself, he shouldn't be commenting or even be a part of this scenario!!! He is just as disgusting as the perp as he is only escalating the emotional status of the "story"... IF he's a reporter, he best go back to school and find out how to control HIS emotions or learn REAL English.
    VERY OFFENSIVE language by the "observer"...and he wasn't even there!

    AGAIN CAPTCHA not even here...if you REQUIRE us to process CAPTCHA, then PUT IT HERE!!!

    1. Absolutely agree! When I was growing up, even men who cursed like sailors DID NOT use the “F”-bomb around women; because it is such a vile, offensive offensive to women in my generation as the “N” word is to blacks (yes...others can have offensive words, too). Now, even though by calling it an F-bomb, they acknowledge it as offensive, they use it anyway. Seems everything produced by Netflix is peppered with the foul word. Apparently their writers have a limited vocabulary, since that seems to be the boy expletive they can think of. It’s become so repetitious, it’s like the old Valley Girl now, like...well, like, you know, like it’s like totally like...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. The officers acted in harmony, and defused the situation the best way possible! Unfortunately, the suspect was eliminated, but that could not be handled any differently, and I applaud the police for the professional manor they handled this. The lady was saved, and the boy should also be applauded, for his explanation to inform the officer about the situation before the officer entered and confronted the suspect!

  4. It was too bad the perp had to be eliminated but that was his choice. In kindergarten, they should teach and every grade after, when a police officer gives you a directive, you cooperate. Not cooperating usually doesn’t end well for the bad guy. This officers use of the English language was horrible. For goodness sakes, can’t we find people who know how to speak common English ? I don’t want to hear any crap for my statement because this is The United States of America, a Christian nation which believes in God and His Almighty Power. If other nationalities want to come here to live, great, love to have you but please abide by our rules and please learn to speak or at least understand our language. Sorry, this was a two part unrelated response. Bottom line is, this man holding this woman at knifepoint and apparently had cut her hand the previous day was asking for trouble. Be it drugs or whatever, he was not a good person. I believe in a work camp system in this country where people like him should go and learn how to work and learn respect.
    Not be abused but learn how to work and be held accountable for their behavior.
    They should earn a modest wage that is put into an account for them and upon graduation, they can have the money transferred to a bank and be given a debit card to handle the money. They also need to be taught how to handle the money so they have a slight clue how to use it.
    There I go again; sorry for ranting. There are just so many ways to help our nation and mo one seems to care. Politicians don’t want to create these programs and I don’t know why. Before thirty years ago, this system I mentioned was called the Army but the Army and all the branches are too technical today and they don’t want the riffraff !

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